A short story: The Nude man – Page 4

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A short story: The Nude man – Page 4

With that piligrimage experience, his hatred for clothes grew larger and larger. He convinced himself that his needs are not wrong. He convinced himself that they are harmless. He started to believe that Allah creates us nude because he wants us to be nude. Allah wants us to be equal, to be pure. Nudity is a sign of honesty. It is a sign of truth. The more clothes you put on your body the less honest you are. Clothes are masks. They are covers. They cover our bodies the way lies cover our minds.

He found himself argueing with people about nudity. He couldn’t share his secret needs, but tried to convince others that nudity isn’t bad. Most look at him as if he went insane. Some agreed to continue the argument, but no one agreed with him. He searched on the internet. He figured out that there are places in the world where people can lay nude. He figured out that there are other people who believe in nudity and that they call themselves naturists. For the first time in his life he felt that he isn’t alone in this world. There are people who can understand him. There are people that he can talk to, and share with them his struggle. There are people who wouldn’t look at him as if he lost his mind when he shows his true self. Unfortunatly those people are not his family. They are not his wife. They are not his sons. They are not his friends. Not his parents. Not his brothers. Not his sisters.

When he first started his search on the internet. He got overwelmed with the results he found. As he simply typed Naturist in the google search bar, thousands of results appeared in seconds. Apparantly there are many people around the world enjoying their nudity without fear. There are hundreds of nude beaches around the world, North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central/South America, ..etc. There is an international Naturists association. There are nude clubs. Nude internet groups and communities. There are people who are not ashamed of their beliefs. People who are not only courageous to admit it, but also to fight for it and try to convince others to adopt their views.

The more he read, the more he got convinced about his case. He no longer thinks of himself as a sick man. He no longer sees his needs as immoral. History shows that nudism existed since the dawn of time. There is a strong argument that natural condition of early humans was nude. He learned that in ancient Greek athletics was practiced naked by its participants. The word ‘gymansium’ comes for the Greek word ‘gymnos’ whick means ‘nude’.

He felt at peace with himself for the first time in his life. He knows now that he can practice his dreams without guilt or shame. He is still aware that he can’t share this with his wife. She just won’t understand. He wants to go and try those nude beaches. He wishes he can take his wife with him. He knows that he can’t, she will go mad, and would scandalize him among their extended family and friends. He decided to keep to himself. He will plan for this alone. No one would know about it. No one.

And so he picked up a nude beach at one of the Greek Islands. He told his wife that he is going on a business trip.

He was so excited, he kept on comforting himself everytime he leaves to work wearing his suit that next week he will be spending it naked, without any clothes, nothing at all.

To be continued…


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