Civil wars after occupation?! It is all a domination play

No one can deny the misrable Arabic condition that seems to become worse and worse each day. Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq are all at the edge of having a civil war that threatens to make the condition of people living in those countries even worse than they are now.

What boggles me is how things shift from fighting an occupation force into fighting each other! All of the three countries above has been subjected to a certain kind of occupation. Israel in Palestine, Syria in Lebanon and The US in Iraq.

Israel has drawn back from all of Gaza and a decent part of the west bank where it shifted the leadership to Palestinians leaders to manage things around. Syria left Lebanon and left the scene for the Lebanese leaders to manage the country. The US drew an election in Iraq and picked up Iraqi’s to manage their countries.

What happened then?

The conflict on authority raised up in all of the three countries. Local leaders are using young people to achieve their own agenda’s. They are using every kind of lie in order to convince those young men to fight their battles. It has always been this way through history. Young people are decieved to believe that either their race, religion or social status is threaten in order to fight for those leaders who sit in their ivory towers, spit some enthusiastic words that color the current situation as if it is a matter of life or death, and enjoy the results without having to pay for anything.

I liked what my friend’s brother-in-law said once. The man is from Netherland. He was asked what if Hitler won the war. His answer was that he would be living as a happy German now.

People got decieved to fear an illusion. They pay their lives fighting for what they believe is for their God, religion, country or race while in reality they were fighting for some other people who excel in using them.

Bashar Al Asaad declared that he doesn’t wont to see a civil war in lebanon. Shemon Peres said that it would be a disaster if a civil war started in Gaza and the west bank. George bush doesn’t want to see a civil war in Iraq.

How can people wake up and see what is really going on? Why don’t they fight to make a better living for themselves instead of fighting for Hassan Nasralla, Mishel Own, Waleed Junblat, Mahmood Abbas, Ismael Hanneye, Moqtada El Sadr, …etc.


  1. It is ironic that you wrote about this. The other day I was watching a movie on the life of Mahatma Gandhi (excellent movie I give it 5 stars plus) and it got me to thinking. Gandi was someone so peaceful and strong and struggled for peace and the independence of India, as soon as they attained there independence from the British the people turned against each other… why because of????? (Well, religion, race. Bamboozled!!! The list goes on). I asked myself so many questions after watching this movie, it made me take a deep look at what is going on in this world today. For sure the PEOPLE (when I say PEOPLE I am talking about every day citizens of the WORLD like you and me) need to wake up and speak up because if we depend on the Leaders of today’s societies to guide the Nations in the right direction. We are for sure going see nothing but HELL and chaos. Any way I could go on and on with this topic and it can be a little touchy feely.
    I often ask myself when will the Leaders of the world realize that War does not bring Peace?

    “There is no way to Peace, Peace is the Way”
    A.J. Muste

    Like always
    Love, peace and light


  2. I so much admire Ghandi. I like the quote of Muste. “There is no way to Pease, Peace is the way” 🙂

    YOu are so right Marie, wish people realize that and stop killing each other.


  3. Arab Observer,

    We all know you are a traitor to Jordan and you are in pay of the Israeli Mossad. Don’t lie as we all know you are a Jew!

    If IDF invades Jordan just as America invaded Iraq, I am sure you, a traitor will betray your homeland.

    We all know you are Jewish as your mother tongue is Hebrew language and you have a Talmud, the Jew holy book in your home.


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