A short story: The Nude man – Page 1

Finally I have finished writing my Nude man short story. I will post it in portions so that you won’t get bored reading a long text. I hope that you like it guys. Ofcourse, I need your feedback 🙂

The Nude man – Page 1

Finally in his room alone. Back from work after a hectic long day. He didn’t expect to find the house empty. His wife and his sons seem to be out somewhere. He doesn’t know for how long would they stay away, but he sure knows that he has his freedom for now. His freedom to take off his clothes. To lay naked as he likes to be.

He took off his shoes as he entered through the door of his house, in his way to his room, he took off his tie and shirt. He already took off his jacket as soon as he left his work. The minute he got all alone in his room, he took off his pants, and underwear. In no time, he laid on bed. Alone.. naked… content.. and smiling.

He hated wearing anything since his childhood. He remembers his mother telling him how hard it was on her to teach him to keep his clothes on. He has embarrassed her on various occaisions. It took him much more time than his peers to learn that he can’t just take off his clothes in public. Maybe it happened in the age of 10 years for him rather than 2-3 for others. He had to go through much humilation at school, and many punishments from his parents in order to learn to keep his clothers on.

While he managed to learn the risks of taking his cloths off in front of other people, he never could let go of his desire to do so. As he grew up, he knew that it can only be safe in his dreams and fantasizes.

Sometimes, as of today, when he is alone at home, he manifests part of his fantasizes. He was pleased that no one at home, he checked up his watch. It was pointing to 4:30 PM, he knows that his sons won’t make it home from their work before 6 PM, his wife called him an hour ago telling him that she had to go for shopping for sometime and won’t make it back till around 8 PM, so he has around 1 and a half hour at least to enjoy himself.

He lied on bed naked, but then the temptation of going out started growing up on him. He always managed to fight those temptations so that he wont make a scene in public as he has to keep his and his family respect. That is a red line that he can’t cross. But today, the urges were too strong, strong that he had to act on.

It was a rainy weather. Very cold outside. It is almost dark as the clouds where holding the shy light of the sun in this rainy day. Now as the sun is setting off, it seems that there is not going to be a moon tonight.

The idea of going out for a short period of time popped up into his mind. “It would only be for the backyard of his house” he told himself. It was dark, cold and rainy, no one would be there at this specific time, no one would see him. There is no other entrance to the backyard except the door of the kitchen. He can go out from there, sit a bit out in the air and then come back without anyone noticeing it.

To be continued…


  1. Mmm, that story you told me about 🙂

    The story seems interesting in both the literal sense, and the symbolic sense. What a poor guy: Locked up inside his clothes. That guy is almost everyone of us!

    Just dont keep us waiting, I want to see where that story is going!


  2. Devil’s mind, yes it is the story I told you about :).

    As you said he is almost everyone of us, and yes it has a symbolic sense. I hope you like the rest.

    Hatem abuimeh, hope you like the rest too 🙂

    Nizar, you read that today 🙂


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