Best and Worst moments of 2006 tag

I know that it took me a while to answer Tala‘s tag about Best and Worst moments of 2006. I do apologize for taking such a long time. I have been taking sometime off blogging and enjoying my holidays. Gosh! I can’t believe it is over 🙂

So here is my list:

Best Moments:

1. 6/6/2006: That day is a very special one. It is the day I have made a decision that has affected my life positively since then. Its effect has been carried with me for the past year and will be lighting my life for a long time to come.
2. 15/6/2006: The day of my birthday. Some people hates their birthdays, others can’t wait for next year to come in order to celebrate theirs. I guess I am among the latters. I do love my birth day. I wake up feeling special. I enjoy the attention I recieve from my family and friends on that day.

This year we decided to celebrate it clubbing at the Nai. Unfortunatly and due to its strict policy of allowing people in, we couldn’t get in. Instead we went to Dupliners in Swefieh. I don’t like the place much, but it was a good evening with my friends around me. Big thanks for my lovely friends who made my birhtday special.

3. 26/6/2006: The day my niece got born. I adore this little baby. Since she has born she filled our lives with joy everytime we see those innocent eyes and amazing smile. I can see her effect on my parents. I guess it is the best thing happened to them since maybe my younger brother’s birth.

4. Sometime in october: The day I got my annual merit increase. I have recieved nearly around 15% increase on my salary. It was good to know that the company I work with do appreciate and acknowledge my hard work. Thank you.

5. New year’s eve: I had one of the best new year’s ever. We have celebrated it at a friend’s house. Thank you Jane for making the night so wonderful.

6. Mostly every holiday and day off work during the year. I am a lazy man. I love my free time. I love reading, painting, watching TV, going to gym, going out with my friends, spending sometime with my family, and relaxing in bed.

7. Blogging: My blog has added some great moments to my life since I started it on March last year. I love writing my thoughts and interact with other people. Gaining some popularity and getting some fans for my writing just makes me happy. It is good to correspond with people with your thoughts.

There are many and many other good moments. 2006 was a good year for me.

Worst Moments:

1. The day we knew that my grandmother has cancer. She is a wonderful person. We all feel bad for what she had to go throught. She is having chemotherapy till now. We can see her pain, and all are praying for her to get her health back. She is like an angel. With all that pain, she always manages to keep her smile. God bless her.

2. The day Mishal and Dougy died. Both are not so close friends to me, but I have known them for sometime both and felt sad for their departure. They both have left suddenly at a young age. May their souls rest in peace.

3. The night I had to take some diarrhea pills in order to prepare myself for “Tanzeer (I have no idea what they call the operation in English)” operation next day. It was one of the most horrible nights ever. I have mostly spent it in the bathroom!

4. The days I got sick. I hate colds and flus. I guess I got one so far this year. I took the flu vaccine on October. Hope it works in preventing me of getting sick again this winter.

That’s it. Wish 2007 would be better for everyone. It already looks good with the nice holidays at the beginning of the year. More good days are yet to come.


  1. heyy food .. gr8 blog.. itz nice 2 know the timez u were happy, yet it bringz such memoriez when u were sad anywayz hope all turn out good cya


  2. Qabbani, RedRose, Kinzia, Average-Moh, thanks for your 2007 wishes.

    Nika, thank you, I have added you to my blog roll and will be checking your blog as well.

    Farooh, thanks habibi, why don’t you write about your happy and sad moment of last year on your blog?


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