Omnia vs Fastlink: Open/Close your eyes?

Have you noticed the current ad campaigns of Fastlink and Omnia telecommunication companies?

Fastlink started with a nice concept, a creative idea as of *Close your eyes* in order for them to surprise us when we open them. They had several ads of people with hands on their eyes, then removing the hands to see a happy look on the person’s face for their new plan and fees.

Just a day later, and I wonder who is this brilliant person behind it, Omnia came up with a quick ad campaign as a response to Faslink’s one. They said *Open your eyes*, implying that their competitor wants us (clients) to close our eyes in order to not see the difference in prices between the two companies.

To tell you the truth, the prices of Omnia are much cheaper than those of Fastlink for the pre-paid cards. It is even cheaper than Fastlink’s companies relatively cheap lines. After seeing the Ads, I felt like converting to Omnia. Unfortunatly I have to wait for another couple of months because I have bought my cell phone with a lesser price for committing to Fastlink for a year.

Omnia has a strike. Fastlink is in a bad shape. I guess that they have to act.

Does anyone remember the freezing phone Ad campaign of Mobilecom 2 years ago? It was hilarious how they used it against Fastlink when Fastlink netwrok coverage went down after a heavy snow storm. The gloated for months that their netword did better in tough weather conditions.


  1. Actually, I was Fastlink subsciber then I felt they are stealing clients while we are closing eyes just to be cool & MINNA W FINA..It does not make a sense while its 24p from Fastlink to Mobilecom while Mobilecom offers it(Mob-Fast by 7 piasters!

    Umnia is going forwards cause simply they respect their clients and honest with them.


  2. I have prepaid fastlink phone and a prepaid mobilcom phone. My primary phone is mobilcom and most of those i call are on fastlink.

    I charge fastlink with the same amount I charge my mobilcom phone.

    Fastlink runs out of credit way before mobilcom even though I use it sparingly and only to call fastlink people. I use mobilcom to call and SMS all providers.

    Last year I did an experiment. I registered duration of my fastlink calls and number of SMS and used it only to call fastlink users. I found out I was being overcharged by 300% . When I called fastlink support, they did not know anything about it. I believe them. The theft happens at the billing system level and I think the executives are in on it.

    My story is not unique. I only use fastlink to receive calls until I phase it out.


  3. omnia all the way , lol , i just switched to omnia like 6 months ago , and am calling everyone i know , and sms-ing , and the it’s like am doing all of it for free , it’s so very cheap .


  4. Wow – you really feel strongly about this subject don’t you? Take it easy – no need to get all wound up…


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