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“I dont’ want you to advocate to anything. I want you to perform a miracle as great as the resurrection of that boy. Then you’ll tell the people that peace is the only solution, and they’ll listen to you. The high priest will lose completely whatever power he posseses.”

This is from Paulo Coelho “The Fifth Mountain”. It is a great book which give us an insight of the life of Prophet Elijah and how people used to think at the point of time (870 B.C.).

According to the tag I got from Kinzi, I have to copy and paste from page 123 of the book I have next to me. Thank you Kinzi for the tag.

Reading those lines, one has to wonder how much things have changed since that time. We still have many people who believes in miracles. We still have religious people with high authority, and we still fight and kill each other in the name of God.

Prophet Elijah may have won the battle for his God against the Phoenicians’ Gods. Now that people around the world follow one and one God, they have managed to fight now not for the name of this God, but to impose their own ways of worshipping him.

Will we ever realize that peace is our only solution?

I would like to know what Saadna, RedRose, and Mohammad read. Grab the nearest book you are reading, go to page 123, go down 5 lines and post the next three sentences. State the name of the book, the author, and tag three more people.

Mohammad (it is you, my dedicated blog reader :)) you don’t have a blog yet? You can post the lines under the comments section of this post. Thank you.


  1. Being rather ill-natured, and suggested the suspicion of that lady’s knowing, or fancying herself to know something to his disadvantage.-but her curiosity was unavailing, for no farther notice was taken of Mr Ferrar’s name by Miss Steele when alluded to, or even openly mentioned by Sir John.

    Author: Jane Austin
    Book: Sense & sensibility (A Classic Romance)

    Actually I am still at the first page so I have no good Idea to explain above,I’ve picked up the book two days ago.What tease me to buy it this quotation:

    “..The more I know of the world,the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love”

    I am fond of female writings,I think It reveales good story and charming point of view.That’s what I can tell now,when I finished the novel may I can write about in individual post.

    Tks observer,I’ve been wondered when you mentioned my name, cute remark from you ;)have a lovely weekend.


  2. Hey RedRose, sounds like a nice novel. You post about it when you done.

    I guess that I tagged you because you comment on my blog so often. I know that you write on Sweet memories blog with Qwaider. He has been tagged, but you havent 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend too.


  3. I’ve not read a single English book in ages. Sorry…

    I’m reading “Les Justes” at the moment, it’s a French book, written by Albert Camus.

    But I feel so honoured that you tagged me. haha.


  4. Ok. Page 123, 5 lines down, next 3 sentences of Les Justes:

    “Ne peut-on imaginer que la meme corde unisse alors ces deux etres? Quel est ce terrible amour? Vous et les votres ne nous en avez jamais permis d’autre”.

    It’s basically about a group of revolutionaries in Russia in 1917, they planned to assassinate the Duke (Tsar’s uncle).

    I tag: You
    Red Rose
    Iraqi Observer

    (I just chose random names from your blog.)


  5. I just received The Fifth Mountain as a gift from a good friend and I plan to read it soon – I’m even more excited now thanks to your post! 🙂 I might disagree with you slightly when you say that ‘now people around the world follow one God,’ but I think I understand what you mean with that.

    Though I might personally believe that it IS the one God we all worship, this does not necessarily mean that people believe that. For the majority, ‘Allah’ and ‘God’ are two different things – they don’t understand that ‘Allah’ is simple the Arabic word for God. There are so many view points out there: that Jesus is the God of Christianity, which is not what Muslims believe at all. Then there are all the beliefs of Buddhists, Hindus, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t at all believe in the one God.

    Still, for the majority who do, you are very right. The difference is in the way of worship.

    Sad that it is war that arises from religions that preach peace.

    Anyway – sorry I started blabbering all on my own! I very much look forward to reading this book, and hopefully will get to come back here and let u know what I think of it. 🙂


  6. i was a little shocked , am still not sure if it’s me you’re talking about or is there another “mohammad” , anyways ,am not reading anything at the moment because i don’t have the time, my days are usually raelly busy , but i can’t wait until i finish this semester so that i can read something new , thanks alot


  7. Hala, I agree with what you say, thanks for clearing it up. I just wanna add that in the past the same people used to worship more than one God. There were multiple God fighting among themselves. Now, we have unity. Mostly everyone believes in one God ruling our universe. We may disagree about his charactaristics, but he is mainly one.

    I hope you enjoy reading the book. I did enjoy it :). Let me know your impressions when you are done. I ll be waiting.

    Mohammad, yes it is you :). Never mind about the tag. Keep it in mind till you read anything and post it back here.

    Aart, THANK YOU. I didnt know about Paulo’s blog. I would be gladly check it up, and most probably add it to my blogroll 🙂


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