People’s nagging in Amman

They keep on nagging and nagging on you to get married. You wouldnt be good if you reached a certain age without doing this must.

Once you get married, they start nagging on you to get a child. You wouldn’t be good if several year passed without you getting your first child.

If you get a girl then they won’t give you a time to breath, you have to get the son. You wouldn’t be good having only girls as offspring. A son is a must.

When you get the son, it won’t be good enough, you have to get him a brother. The poor guy can’t be good alone, he has to have a male sibling support.

Once you get the two boys, you’ll have to answer for their education. The best schools and universities is a requirement.

When your boys grow up, it would be a full cycle, everything above is repeated with you to have with your children!

There is no escape of people’s intruding in this country!



  1. Luckily I don’t have this problem cause am still 19 , however I know what you mean cause my brother is 31 , and the reason for this is society , it’s been always like this, everyone thinks that the purpose of life is getting married and having children (male + female) , the only thing we (the younger generation) can do about it is try to change the next generation , and try to hang on 


  2. unfortunately, arabs nag for many reasons.. I myself nag but not when it comes to interfering other people’s lives. this is so stupid and even if you do what they want, they’ll even ask for more (pepsi ad) or do not like it.

    goddamn arab dna


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