Another Recurring Dream

Now that I have dreamt of this for a couple of times through the past couple of years, I do wonder what this dream suppose to mean.

I so often dream that I am back to either school or university. Usually it is me repeating the Tawjihi year at school in order to get a better grade where in the dream and after spending a coupple of months going to school again after several years out of it, I decide that I don’t want to study for the Tawiji exams again, and that my previous average is good enough, and what I am doing back in school is just for fun and for re-living old sweet days. In my dream, I feel the fear of having to study much for the tawjihi again, but at the same time I feel happy for going back to school with my old school mates who I havent really been close to and barely see them now, but I feel that I love them much in my dreams.

When it comes to the university dream, I dream that I am repeating my entire 4 year bachelor degree. I have no idea why I do that. Sometimes while dreaming, it occurs to me that I am doing this to catch upon things that I have missed in my first time, but then and after several months or even years of studing, I decide that what I am doing is absurd! I should have at least chosen another subject if I want to make another bachelor degree for another 4 years!

I just had the school dream tonight, and it buggles me! What does that suppose to mean?! Can anyone explain?

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  1. Interesting. I think dreams ferlect unresolved emotions. I appears that in both versions of the dream you go back to relive a phase, but then feel it is not the right thing to do. This first desire is from within you to do things right and enjoy learning and times. The second feeling is telling you this is absurd. It is the outside pressure to perform well, get a good/better grade. This is making you dream you are back at school, and the first feeling is making you quit again.

    I think you need to sit in a quiet place, think this over and tell your subconcious self, that that phase has passed and that you did what you could to be true to your ideals, and that going forward, you will have learned from that experience and that you will do thinkgs you like, or like the things you do, and not blame yourself if you cant’t like it.


  2. Thanks nar for the advice. What boggles me is that I believe that I have done well both at school and at the university. I never thought that I would do better if I run it for a second time.

    It has been 10 years since I graduated from school and 6 years from university, and yet yesterday I dreamt that I am back to school!

    I ll try to sit and talk with my subconscious! Hope it would listen 😛


  3. People often dream about stressful episodes of their lives. My Mom (who’s 50) still dreams about her finals and wakes up screaming :p
    It could just mean you’re under pressure at the moment.


  4. or maybe you feel unhappy with your life right now , and you feel that you didn’t live your life to the max during your tawjeehi years and uni years , but again , you know that you can’t go back in time , and you just miss the old school and university years ,


  5. arima, perhaps s you said that final year at school was a bit stressful, a lot of hard studying then. Maybe it is because i wanted to study engineering then but only got a grade to study science which i dont regret now but was disappointed back then when i didnt have the chance to study what i wanted.

    Maybe also the memory of school mates is because i wasnt doing well back with them in term of friendship. It used to get to me back then.

    Mohammad, no, I am happy in my lifr el hamdellah. I have always managed to be happy in every phase of my life. I have gone throught difficult times before, but now I am enjoying the best phase so far I guess 🙂

    Maybe I didnt live my life to the max at school but I compensated that at university.


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