With censorship?

In my post of yesterday, I called for some censorship from the government on what I percieved as a discriminating ad.

I got a couple of comments as a reply to my post. One of them was from Nas who thinks that it is odd that I am the one calling for censorship – which is true.

He said: “its strange that you’re essentially calling out for censorship; as if censorship was a remedy for anything.” (his whole reply can be found under the comment section of yesterday’s post)

His commet had me to stop and think. It is true that I am usually against censorship. I believe in freedom of speech and hate to see someone opressed of speaking up his mind.

But what about when it isn’t the freedom of speech that is violated? What about if the right of equality that is stated clear in the Jordanian constitution is violated? Can’t we call the government to act upon such violation?

I guess that I have been wrong calling for censorship because censorship means preventing things from happening. Maybe it is better to call the government to act when a violation of the law occurs.

Let who ever publish what ever he wants to publish. If it is against the law then the government can take it to the court. I am not so good in law matters, maybe any citizen can take another one to court if a law has been violated, and I believe that there has been a law violation in the Ad I talked about yesterday because the Jordanian constituion states clearly the rights of equality among the Jordanian citizens.

One Comment

  1. i didn’t read the last topic so i don’t know what you’re talking about , but i just want to say that we need censorship , and having censership doesn’t mean losing our freedom of speech , we just have to have a limit , when is it freedom of speech and when is it a violation of rights , i’ll read the other topic later and i’ll post again later


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