Elissa and conspiracy theory mentality

It is just funny how the conspiracy theory mentality works. It can be applied on anything, from a childish distrust of a person, to politics and nations affairs.

One can see it clear in every Arabic forum. Usually there is a news or something to disucss. People start supporting or attacking the issue on hand, then suddenly someone pops up with his theory about a conspiracy happening and claims to know the exact truth.

I was just reading Elaph site, about Elissa winning the Global Music Award for a second year in a row. I scrolled down to read the comments of people. Some were congratulating her, others saying that she doesn’t deserve the award. Some doesn’t understand how she got it. But what stopped me and really made me laugh is a person’s explanation that Elissa has a family member among the referee committe of the award!

ابو عدي
يا جماعة اللجنة فيها اميريكي من اصل لبناني اسمه انتوني ابراهام وهو من نفس المنطقة التي اتت منها اليسا وعلى معرفة بأهلها لا اكثر ولا اقل، بامكانكم زيارة موقع الاكاديمية الالكتروني للتأكد.

I guess that there is no escape from this mentality. From people boycotting Starbucks for their believe of its fund to Israel military, to people claiming that Star Academy is meant to draw our youth attention from important things, to people refuse to believe in a singer talent…

We can only sight, and smile…

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