“I don’t trust anyone because no one can be trusted in this life. I have been burnt before from my best friend”

“I have found out that my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me”

“Men canno’t be trusted”

“There is no real friends these days”

In order to protect ourselves, we lose much enjoyment in life. In order to protect ourselves we lose the sense of security and comfort we should have.

Having been burnt before doesn’t mean that we are going or not going to be burnt again. Humans are the same. Some might have different morals than others. Some might have different principles than other, but most have same basic needs, and a sense of balance between good and evil.

We are neither angels, nor devils. We are human beings who are mostly dictated by our needs. Circumstances do bend us towards good or evil. We might do right in a situation and wrong in another.

While each individual is different than the other, we still share a lot of commonolity. I might cause a harm to my friend in a certain occaision as much as he can cause me harm. Friends are meant to love and trust each other. Being burnt before, doesn’t mean to lose such quality of friendship.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. A life with your guards always up is not comforting. Opening your heart to people around you do bring much happiness to yourself first then others.

When you give trust, you get trust. When you give love you get love. When you give hatred you get hatred.


  1. Well , you should never lose your trust , I feel bad for you , you must be really hurt but still there’s a few good friends in this world , I know they’re not a lot , and I also was betrayed by a close friend , and I got over it , and so should you .
    And about humans , you’re right, they’re neither evil or good , they’re a mixture of emotions and needs that they have to satisfy , and sometimes they just chose the wrong way to get what they want .
    And omg your last 3 sentences are just awesome , it like you’re talking about what am feeling , and as usual , nice topic


  2. Thanks Mohammad :).

    You got me a bit wrong. I am not hurt. Neither lost my trust in people around me. I am just talking about some other people behaviour who have lost their trust and can’t be relaxed among anyone.


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