Some people seem to understand management and authority at work wrong.

Being in a superior position to someone at work doesn’t mean that you have the right to control the person life and look down on him.

Can a boss be a boss without having to remind people working for him of that every single minute?

Why do some people rationalizing their managerial bad attitude to be the right one as of claiming that being rude to employers reporting to them is a way to keep them doing their job right?

Can’t they realize that a person who isn’t comfortable in dealing with his superior would hate what he is doing and therefore can’t innovate or even produce well in what he is doing?

or is it a psychological problem for some who like to bring it out on other people but can only do so throught their position at work?

My friend has been struggling with her boss for months now. The rude boss is trying to make sure to make her life as hell at work. She is determined to drive my friend off her work.

Fortunatly my boss is so nice. He doesn’t seem to have this complex of “I am the manager” disorder. He does his job excellently managing us with love and respect rather than of rudeness and high voice.

A boss can be a good leader and manage to make a success of every member of his team, or he can be a jerk who makes everyone hates him and the work they do in order to satisfy his undeveloped ego!


  1. If the boss is a jerk and makes everyone hate him, then he really shouldn’t be a boss at all, should he?To be in a position of authority and responsible for employees who work under you, you MUST have inherent leadership and managerial skills that enable you to create a successful working environment. Not everyone has these skills, and not everyone is able to learn them.I think we have this problem in Jordan – that employees might be automatically promoted after a certain time or after a position opens itself up, just because they’re next in line, and not because they are suited for the job. So someone might find themselves in a position of authority, but lack the skills and qualifications that make him a ‘good boss.’ And then the masses suffer.Tell you friend to hang in there, and also, tell her life is too short to put up with someone else’s shit. Find another job and get out of there if there are no other solutions!


  2. mixed bag especially in jordan out of my experience its 2 parts ! bad boss tend to get the work done, good boss tends to be abused by the majority (the lazy work force we have )bad boss tends to earn respect from his superiors due to the “3al mas6ara” atmosphere that his underlings createwhile a good boss “lax” atmosphere tends to draw scrutiny from his superiors since it doesnt adhere to the archaic mind that they have


  3. You are right Hal, it is sad to see many reach managerial positions while they lack the essential skills of doing so. Yes, my friend is looking out for a new job. If anyone one knows about a vacancy for a technical writer/ translator please let me know. Bambam, I disagree with you. I think it is just an excuse for a bad managerial behaviour to accuse workers of being lazy. A good manager can motivate his workers to be more active by using several motivators without having to be so strict as of ‘3al mastara’ :). Fortunatly our economy is much better than years before. Now people do have many options of moving around to be job atmospheres. Companies with bad management are only using good employess and paying much extra money because of the turn over their managers cause.


  4. I have very special kind boss,,even of his 40 years experience in business he treats other in humble way as a teacher, he did compliment on every good job are a jewel or wel done job as usual..If I did wrong he corrected me in kind way..I think he has no 3o2det el mudeer cause he got the ethics of business and managemnt in west where people have no 3u2det el kursee like Arab..maybe this one reason i don’t know, but the essential point is related to boss character itself.


  5. and what’s weird is that sometimes ppl complain about their bosses and then with time they start doing what their bosses did to them to ppl under them . we need to correct this from the top down …


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