I love this song of Ewan.

The video clip is brilliant. It shows a lot of famous lebanese people either dancing, singing or just moving names of some who had left a finger print in the history of Lebaneze art.

They are many. With every shot, we see happy dancing people. The lebanese people passion of live is demonstrated in a very nice way. From past to present, they were, still, and will keep on living their lives fully. It gives a sense of pride for someone to be a Lebanese.


It gives me a sense of envy.

For the lack of such culture here in Jordan.

The culture of enjoying life.

The culture of loving our country and being proud of what we have.

What sense do we have about ourselves? As of being Jordanians?

We are proud of our hospitality, and the sense of being hard fighters as of inheriting those qualities of our beduins ancestors.

But in our perception of our culture, we lack the passion for life, the fun, the art, the smile, the love.

I wish that we can work on changing our perception and image, not to get rid of the qualities we have, but also to add passion to it.

We are not just tough fighters. We are not just hospital. We also love our lives and want to live it fully.

Let us love being Jordanians.


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