How much your way of thinking contradict with you behaviour?

There seem to be some contradiction between people’s behaviour and their way of thinking which makes the common sense assumption of someone having such ideas won’t behave in a certain way a big fallacy.

For instance, I percieve myself to be an open minded person, where I do understand other people’s behaviour, and condone a lot of actions that I would never do myself. My mind is liberal, my body is conservative. My mind is insane, my body is rational. My mind want to fly, move, change, but my body wants to stay calm, relaxed, lazy.

Some other people seem to have it the other way around, like a beautiful girl in the university going wild with her group which makes her more desirable and popular while still her mind is full of conservative ideas she has been fed with since her childhood. She claims that she doesn’t do so and so because that is what she believes in, but her body behave in a different way.

A clear demonstration would be a picture of a veiled woman flattering with a guy while she knows it is against her principles next to a picture of an unveiled woman with a mini skirt acting cold towards a guy who is trying to flurt with her not because she thinks it is wrong, but because she is shy. Her body acts different that her mind.

A friend of mine claims that he is superficial. He loves brand names, luxury, spotlights, fame,…etc. In his life, he lives very normal. He is moderate in his expenses like any other guy, and he doesn’t brag about having certain things from certain brands. He even doesn’t like having superficial people as his friends! His mind is superficial, but his body so down to earth!

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