Familiarity vs adaptation (working machine)

I have quoted Mark Twain in a previous post about the power of familiarity. Familiarity breeds content, while un-familiarity breeds unease.

In another post, I have introduced our built-in ‘washing machine‘, which is our natural ability as human beings to adapt to changes in life.

At first glance, one would feel a contradiction between the two concepts. How can one feel unease with unfamiliar things while at the same time still has this amazing ability to adapt?

The answer would be in the way our washing machine works.

It works subconsiously to remove the dirt of uncomfortable feelings of new things and align it properly with our standards. It actually makes things familiar without us realizing it.

Like in any other daily work, when we are faced with much load at work, our stress level gets high, maybe because we know that we have a lot to do. Then when we start actaully working on the stuff, our stress level eases down, knowing that we can finish the task on time.

Our washing machine works in the same way. For instance, when there is a huge change (load of work), we get freaked out, as of thinking that we can’t handle such change in life. Like for example having an accident, or some kind of perminent disease. The realization of the new situation leaves us in untolerable situation, but as our washing machine starts working, we get used to things, and one would feel comfortable in whatever condition he ends up with.

Maybe that is why people with disabilities refuse to see other people’s sympathy. While they have to do things in a different way, they may not feel as bad as how other people percieve them to feel because they are familiar with their own condition, and sure has somekind of content with it.

The other day I watched Neshan (akeed akeed mystro)’s interview with May Shediaq on NTV. She has lost a hand and a leg in the blast which targetted her last year. After being subjected to many surgical operations, and endure much pain, you can amazingly see her appearing on TV, looking better than ever, with more strength than before, and a brilliant smile. She seems to get familiar with her current condition. She seems to have a first class ‘washing machine’.

Our washing machine is working continuously. One has not to fear changes in life if he trusts his own washing machine. It is capable of washing the dirtiest of things and move it to a suitable place, increasing his possessions of experiences, and making him stronger.


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