Covering and Uncovering our women!

In tunis, the government is fighting women who choose to wear a veil. In France, they prohibited girls from wearing a veil at schools. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, women get beaten for not covering their heads.

Men are fighting around the world to either covering or uncovering their women! Those who believe in *covering* their women bodies think that it is for the best in order to protect their women from potential sexual harrassment while those who believes in *uncovering* women bodies think that it is for the best as well, cause women don’t have go through all the hectic of covering their bodies because some other men can’t hold their animal desires and act civilizely.

The poor women are torn in between. It depends where they live, and what kind of men they live with! Each one think that he knows the best!

Why don’t we let our women choose for themselves?! Tunis, France, Iran, Saudia Arabia, and all other countries. Give your women the right to choose! They know better when to cover and when to uncover their bodies!

Men back-off!


  1. thanks, Observer. What a loss for the world when female beauty cannot be displayed without people sexualizing it.


  2. Dana, welcome 🙂Moey, you are right!Kinzi, I wasn’t talking exactly about men sexualizig women’s beauty. It is about the right of women to cover and uncover their bodies the way they feel comfortable in regardless what men feel about it.


  3. the problem is that sometimes one can’t understand whether it’s a free choice or something forced upon women. One can force women to wear it directly or indirectly. How many things we do just because our (meaning all kinds of groups)society, community, friends or family subtly influences our choices?


  4. the problem is that it’s not easy to understand whether it’s a real right or choice or whether it’s something our family, group, friends, community force on women, often in subtle ways. It is a right but often it’s only something women must do. And I agree with the fact it’s closely connected with men sexualizing our beauty. Let’s not forget that hair in all cultures has been a symbol of sexuality (read about the fertility rites in “the Golden Bough” by Frazer and read T. S. Eliot’s poetic images) since ancient times


  5. You are right Jamila. It is hard to tell whether it is really a woman choice or not, but there is actually no real choice in this life. People would always infleuence each other. The problem lies when we try to cover/uncover women with force. That is where I think we should stand against.


  6. The word “our women” really irritated me!As if u r talking about a piece of furniture! Well yes until when men will be deciding on our behalf…even in countries where religious freedom is somehow guaranteed u find the father, the brother, or the husband enforcing the veil on “their women”!!!After all men r the root of our suffering in this life!!


  7. To : The Arab Lady,When he wrote “our women” – I believe he meant “Arabic” women, not as reference to a belonging.


  8. Hey Saad, I actually meant women around the world. Sure I didnt mean it as belonging. It is like saying our sisters. A sense of a relationship. Our women in a sense of humanity.


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