Common recurring dreams

Falling from a height
Running down fast in a slop, going faster and faster in accelerating pace, suddenly feeling myself, and out of speed, loosing my contact with the ground, and raising high in the sky, higher and higher, till reaching a point where the energy of speed consumed. I stop for a moment, then fall back to the ground, from so high in the sky.

Going to school shoeless
In the morning, my father driving me off to the school. Rush into the hall greeting my friends in this lovely morning where I sense something wrong in my feet, look down, I realized that I am walking with a bare foot! what an embarrassement?! What can I do?

Finding money
In a garden, looking at the muddy ground, suddenly finding a small coin, little amount of money, pick it up just to find another coin nearby, look around, find more and more.

A baby boy
What a cute baby boy, my mother did it again, and new little brother for me. It is so cute. How can my mom deliver at this age again? His face is so big. He is adorable. Or is it my son? Who is his mother? I don’t know her? I love the boy, I have to marry his mother although I don’t know her. For his sake. My son!

A snake bite
Suddenly, from nowhere, I feel some pain in my leg, I look down, it is a snake, I try to pull it off, it is so elastic, as I pull more, it gets longer and longer.

whether it is a nice dream or a horrible nightmare, one has to wonder why some dreams repeat itself so often. Sometimes when you share it with others, it isn’t surprising to know that others have dreamt of the same things. Falling from a height is so common between people. I wonder what do it mean? Maybe a sudden fall in blood pressure at a certain point in my sleep. Sometimes it is the feeling of falling from the bed. At other times, I dream like I have discovered a way to fly, just tilt your body to the front, wave your hands, and here I am flying. It gets me excited, amazing feeling. Going up and up, high in the sky to only realize that I can’t go on, then fall! Waking up before reaching the ground! Thank God. I would have died!

It sure has to do with our subconsious. Someone told me that the baby thing means that I have a problem which I am trying to supress. I wonder how true this is.

What about other dreams? Going to school with bare foot? or wearing a pijamma? what about forgetting my books bag? or forgetting to study for an exam? sometimes it forgetting about attending a course at the university only to remember it by the end of the semester knowing that I have missed a lot!

Have you had such dreams? I bet you did.


  1. Usually when i have a dream, I did not think a lot in it’s explaination,the most important up to me the impression that leaves it on my soul,spiritual status..mood..I’ll try to explain for u being in school with a bare foot in Pijama it means you are person so carful and ambitious,binding with rules,do not like to be careless,you do ur duties trying to be Perfect,but this annoying somehow, even your vacation u still remeber your duties and could not let yourself rest or have a break..This is my simple interupt,hoping u lkie it 😉have sweet dreams ever


  2. Yes, I like it :). It makes sense somehow. I usually bind with rules, and dont like to be careless. Thanks for the interpretation. You have sweet dreams as well…


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