A terror attack nightmare

I just wake up today frightened as I have dreamt of being at my best friend’s house where we were fixing a shisha and about to sit in their hourse terrace when suddenly I recognized two airforce planes shooting missles somewhere, and then looking forward, I noticed this huge rocket launcher which seemed to be several kilometers away from my friend’s place shooting rocket around us, where the fire of one of the blast reached their garden, and hit my car’s tire!

It is funny how we relate things in our dreams, like for instance quickly jump into thinking that this is a terror attack. At first, I don’t know why Iraq popped into my mind, maybe there is some residue in my subconscious of how we felt in 1990 during the Iraqi war, but in no time, I was sure it is a terror attack! I was like “oh my god! They did it again!”

Last year amman blasts seems to impact us more than we realize. Sense of security is one of our basic needs. Unfortunatly it has been shaken. And while I am not the kind of person who keeps on worrying where I manage to ignore things and enjoy living my life, still something can affect you without you being aware of it.

Speaking of the subconscious, and the shisha. After struggling for a year trying to cut the amount of smoking shisha from nearly once a day to once a week, I decided to cut it all a months and a half ago. Since then, I have fought the temptation of smoking it everytime I go out with my friends where they order one. Now with Ramadan, it is even harder! I don’t know how I can go on with Ramadan without smoking shisha! But I am managing to do so. Maybe that is why it appeared in my dream. After my friend fixed it, I was thinking in the dream that it is okay to smoke it a bit, but then after he has it done, even in my dream I felt that I need to be strong in holding my temptation, and so I told him that no I wont smoke it.

I was pleased when I woke up. There was no terror attack, and I didn’t smoke shisha!

Thank God! What a wonderful day today is….


  1. sometimes the mind plays tricks on you , maybe you had that dream because you were trying to stop 2rggela and you couldn’t , it’s got nothing to do with war or anyting else


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