A tribute to the Queen

Like a fairy tale, Rania turned from a regular woman into a Queen when prince Abdulla’s sight fall over her.

Being overwhelmed with her new reality, trying to keep her foot on the ground, absorbing her new role as a Queen and facing her obligation to her people must have put a great pressure on this young lady.

What’s fascinating is the elegant way our Queen faced the overwelming pressure and presented herself to us and to the world.

Taking her role seriously, and after several years of practicing her duties, one can feel a sense of proud having such a woman working hard to push forward many human and women rights issues.

It is amazing how much difference one can make when he is in power. Bad authority leads to disasters while good one leads to miracles.

We have built a cultural norm to abide from complimenting our leaders. A common attitude has grown between us to attack those who are in charge, and therefore it is becoming hard to see the good in a person when he takes the lead in our countries. But sometimes, the sun shines without leaving any room to darkness.

We are blessed with a young king and queen, who seem to be determined in making a difference to our lives.

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