Love isn’t crazy

Who said that love is crazy? Love is pain? Love is sleepless, insomnia, tears and torture?

Why do we think that we have to suffer for love? In Elissa’s song “men albi tmanait” She wonders how people love and how they sleep the night while in love. As if being in love means bye bye to sleep.

While it is nice to hear songs that has this touch of showing strong emotions, but we should be aware that love doesn’t have to be this way. Love should be a comforting force. Love can be relaxing, security and content.

When you are in love, you sleep the whole night with a smile. Feeling the presence of your lover even when he/she is physically away.

When you are in love, you feel content, calmness and peace just touching the hand of your lover.

It shouldn’t be a constant fear of losing your lover, or an obsession to keep him/her around, or a possessive attitude of ownership. In the contrary, it should inflict happiness, content, and a feeling of being special when looking in the eyes of your lover.

Love is sane. It is harmony. It is satisfaction.

When I am with my lover, the world stops. No more time, no more worries. Only a present lasting moment of content.


  1. con‧tempt  /kənˈtɛmpt/ –noun1. the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn.2. the state of being despised; dishonor; disgrace.I think you meant content.


  2. Well it is true as u said , where there is love there is happiness , calmness , peace …. but in the same time pain necessitate itself on love …. where there is love there is pain , and in my opinion its what makes love worthful !CheeerZ!


  3. Il amore e cieco = Love is blind 😉I don’t know the Arabic song you mentioned, but do you know Nancy’s “Enta Eih”? It shows the bad side of love. I love that song…so emotional…By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you… What’s the name of Nancy’s song where she goes in a bus, and on the way to work she drops her lipstick on the floor, and a (sexy) mason picks it up and she falls in love with him????


  4. dar, I disagree, love doesnt have to be painful. It can be pure happiness and content 🙂Saad, yes, I know Nancy’s song “Enta Eh” It is about betrayal. As for the other song you are talking about, it’s name is “Yay shoo 7elweh 3yoonoh” which means “wow, how beautiful is his eye”.


  5. Dear Observer:I think you are right when it comes to true love,it has grate meanings than you mentioned, but when sometimes come into some relationships in which there is missed something it becomes to blindness,bieng so enthusiastic and so happy,then suddenly you wake up and wonder,do really i love this person…there is nothing common where is my mind where?was I sleeping? anyway it’s deep matter not easy to they way i wrote something in sweetmemories if u can have a look i’d be honored..tks observer 😉


  6. Red Rose, I think that love becomes painful when it contains a sense of possessivness.I went over what you wrote at sweetmemories. I liked that chat. Nice idea. A problem we face daily here in Jordan. Good job 🙂


  7. Dear observer,I came upon your blog while googling different ways we subconsiously relax ourselves befre sleep. How I got this as an answer I do not know but you have unintentionaly been a help to me in another search of mine.I’ve had a few relationships in the past, my current being the longest (2 years november 1st) and most succesfull. I’ve felt ‘in love’ before but until now I have never truely understood the real feeling of love, and that is exactly what you explain here. I’ve tried explaining it to other people and finding their opinions but the only person who seems to understand how I’m feeling is my father, and I would hope my boyfriend. I’ve had many different feelings with him over the course of our relationship. One of them actually being contempt (haha, yes I saw the comment above). However, the two of us have matured together tried to work out our problems. It has worked great. I believe we are all the things you mention and more.Thank you for your blog post, you have helped someone realize she is not wrong in feeling the way she does. :]


  8. ftw-jesskeh, it is good to know that after all of this time, people still manage to find this post :), and it is even better to know that it helped you in a way to understand your feelings :).You seem to be in a healthy relationship, keep it up. Love is beautiful 🙂


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