If I am a donkey

If I am a donkey, would I ever complain of the load of work?

Would I ever bother myself thinking of where I came from… where I am going to… what is coming next… what shall I want to achieve… or ever get concerned of how I look… what I have and what I have not?

Does being a donkey mean that I would have a peace of mind… forgetting about the past, and not bother looking in the future… just living my current moment enjoying my laziness under the sun?


Would I look at human beings… wonder about how much a mess they put themselves concerning about every tiny aspect of their lives… take a deep breath and… sight


  1. dear Arab,..let me put it this way man , beaing a donkey/fly/lizerdor even just a lazy slug … all the abouv has all some thing in common … they dont have the human brain 🙂 the gift of free will … entalagance …. who wants to be a donkey woring like a donkey 😉 all day not knowing when were to stop ( keeping in mind that donkey is a very miss judged creature, it has some nice fetuers u know)…in the end what am saying is that love and appreciate that ur a humman beaing and not a slave animal for some upper class creature….thanks and peace out


  2. Do we really want to be donkeys with no choice at all but have the peace of mind every man is looking for , or do we rather want to be humans living a stressful life but having the free dome of choice .I will go with b being a human


  3. Laylow, abdullah, You both would choose to be human based on your preference of having a free will.But Honestly, do we have a true free will? We may are smarter than other animals, but we dont have any free wills more than they have.


  4. Those traits of a donkey are excellent ones that we can learn from and adopt. I especially like your last sentence “wonder about how much a mess they put themselves concerning about every tiny aspect of their lives” … I mean when will humans look at the big picture and see how much they are contributing to their own happiness/missery.


  5. Moey, mmm, might be? 🙂Sari, You are totally right, maybe the one thing humans dont consider to be a choice while it can be one is their own happiness. Saad, who knows? 😛


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