If I am superman

If I am superman, would I feel guilty taking some rest or having some private fun time for me that means I would miss saving many souls around the world?

Would I hope that there are many other supermen to help me saving the world?

Would I be tempted to use my superpowers to achieve personal pleasure?


Would I dream to be a normal man, without all the hectic of being a super one?


  1. HelloThank you .And I am sorry I didn’t comment on your post although I wanted to , but I guess I was exited about inviting you to my blogAny how.I deeply believe that in every one of us there is a super man . Of course usually with no physical powers. But with a lot of powers that if every one understood and realize it, the world would be a much better oneIn respond to your last question “Would I dream to be a normal man, without all the hectic of being a super one?”I think that if you were a good super man , the joy of doing good , will keep you away from wanting to be a normal man.


  2. It is okay Abdullah 🙂Maybe the joy doing good would keep me from wanting be a normal man, but I am worried about the guilt I would feel not being able doing good to all people. I wont be able to take care of all. It needs some more powers of that of a superman. It is about the idea of feeling guilty of not doing good when you are capable of, as of us needing some selfishness in order to feel good about ourselves.


  3. hmmm if i was superman , i would be having funn all the time , ppl can save them selves 😉 may be one ot two super shows but thats it thanks


  4. Wedad, I guess you are right 🙂Laylow, Thank God you are not superman ;PThe purpose of superman is to save others. It is his nature. He won’t be a superman with that attitude 🙂


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