Social Pressure – Page 8

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Social Pressure – Page 8

One day, Ali had an urgent phone call from work where he rushed outside the house forgetting to log off his laptop. She went into the room to get the cup of coffee he just had in order to wash it, and noticed that his laptop is still on, she was about to shut it down when she noticed that he forgot to sign out of his email account.

For a moment she hesitated whether to check some of his emails or not. She doesn’t think that it is morally right to do so, but he is her husband, maybe it is okay to just sneak a little bit. She rushed and made sure to shut up the door of the room in case he comes back suddenly, he wouldn’t like her peeking on his private matters. She went back and sat in front of the laptop, and clicked the link to his inbox.
Most of the messages where from his close friend Samer who lives in a nearby city. She used to like this friend of Ali and even consider him to be a brother of her. While scrolling down the emails, she noticed love phrases and kisses in most of the subjects of those emails from Samer. It was okay, knowing how close those friends are, but one message with an attachment of some pictures caught her sight.

Obviously those were the pictures of Ali and Samer when Ali paid him a visit last weekend. Stunned, she couldn’t believe what she saw in those pictures, she tried to zoom in the screen in order to get a better view.

Here they are, Ali and Samer sharing a passionate kiss while hugging each other. It is unbelievable; she hit the back button and scrolled down the browser to another message, reading some of their exchanged emails. She felt nauseous as she read more and more about their love affair.

“Suha was right!” She whispered in tears. “Oh my God, my husband loves another man, what shall I do?” She couldn’t know what to think. A black hole of anger blocked her mind. She tried to stand up but her legs couldn’t bear her. She fall back on the chair and fainted.

A few minutes later, Ali came back. He opened the door, called her name, but no body answered. He didn’t find her in their bedroom; he went into the other room to put some work papers where he saw her lying unconscious on the floor. He freaked out, and shook her body in an attempt to wake her up. He then grabbed his cell phone and was about to call the doctor when she opened her eyes.

“Thank God” He said relieved. “What’s wrong with you dear?” He asked. Lying between his arms on the floor, she looked at him silently, turned her face away and start crying. He grabbed her head and asked her in a worriedly
“Suha, tell me? How do you feel? Shall I call a doctor?” She shouted in tears “I feel disgusted, just stay away from me!”

She pushed her body out of his arms. Tried to stand up, but couldn’t do that as she fall again. He rushed and grabbed her but she screamed vigorously “Go to hell, leave me alone!”

To be continued…


  1. enthysiastic to know the rest..sometimes fact is obvious but we insist on ignoring it for one or more reason.


  2. Red rose, I am glad you are still following this up. Thanks for your continuous feedback. Appreciated 🙂You are right. Now Sarah has to face the truth. She can’t ignore it any longer.


  3. Interesting story, these things happen in real life and we can’t just ignore the fact that we have homosexuals in any community and they do exist in Jordan. We see them as normal people acting straight. I salute your courage to have a Homosexual personality in your story.Can’t wait to read the rest.


  4. yes, quite open minded to have a homosexual charachter in your story… wonder how many pple read it and are afraind to comment, or if they decide to send a comment, it will be more an attack than being open minded to being human


  5. Thanks Ali, I am glad you enjoy the read. You are right, this happens in real life because of the opression of homosexuals and women, such situations come to exist! Too bad. Salem, I wonder too how many people read this. I am afraid that a lot didn’t follow up the story as it is a bit long for a blog. I am happy to get some responces, till now, I didnt get any attack, which is good 😛


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