Social Pressure – Page 7

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Social Pressure – Page 7

Fortunately Ali was gentle to her. He didn’t put any pressure at all, and gave her all the time she needed to feel comfortable about it. It went smoothly. It wasn’t anyway of what she expected, in fact she didn’t know what to expect, but it was a good first time.

Ali has been good to her, she was happy to have him in her life. He has never treated her badly in anyway, but even after some months of her marriage she still feels that there is something wrong in their sexual relationship. He doesn’t show much interest in her the way she needs to feel. He sure does his duties as a husband, but she feels more that it is like a duty to him rather than passion from his side.

She has nobody to turn to and ask. The shadow of what her best friend told her a week before her wedding is still haunting her. She doesn’t know what to think anymore. She used to ask herself; maybe it is her friend’s talk what caused this feeling inside of her rather than of Ali’s behavior.

In no time she got pregnant. She and Ali were so thrilled. His mother treated her like a princess for giving her first grandchild. It was a tiring pregnancy, but it was a happy period for all the family. They all were there for her including Ali who took good care of her in those long 9 months.

She hoped that their sex life would pick up after she delivers her baby. Unfortunately she felt more separated of her husband than ever. He didn’t only show less interest in her sexually, but also started spending more time outside the house than inside of it. She tried to talk to him about it more than once, but he managed to come up with a rational excuse every time.

With a bit of shyness she approached her mother looking for some guides, she opened her heart to her mother and told her about what she feels of Ali’s distance in their marriage. To her shock, her mother wasn’t surprise of this kind of behavior. She said that it isn’t common to have this kind of cold relationship in marriages after a while. In fact, she admitted that it has been years for her and her father since they made love to each other.

“You are a mother now, concentrate on your home and your child” Those were her mother’s words.

She looked around her, her cousin had to deal with her husband marrying another woman on her because she can’t get pregnant, and he rationalized with her that he deserves to have a child for his own. Another relative is living alone now because her husband died young in a crash accident, and she doesn’t think it is appropriate to marry another man now, instead she devoted her life for her 2 kids. A friend of her got divorced a couple of month after her wedding day as her husband turned to be a control freak. Her sister lives alone now taking care of her children while her husband lives and works in another country in order to be able to take care of his family financial matters.

As she looked around her, her problem sounded smaller than she thought of. So what if her husband spent much time outside the house? He at least takes care of what her and her child’s needs. He treats her good, and has never denied her any request. He even brought her a new car a couple of months ago on her birthday, so why is she moaning? Life can’t be perfect.

Now that she quite her job as well after she got married, her main job now is to take care of her home and son. She started neglecting her looks as well because she doesn’t get the attention she needs from her husband, and she doesn’t look for such attention from anyone else. As a result she started to gain some weight. She found a pleasure in food as a fill in the void she has in love.

While she tried to take care of her family and home, she couldn’t just keep this distance between her and Ali. She tried harder and hared to work on their relationship. She even started to search after him thinking that he might be dating another woman behind her back.

To be continued…

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