Social Pressure – Page 6

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Social Pressure – Page 6

Why are you doing this?” Sarah said in disgust “You are my friend, why do are you saying these stuff about my fiancé?”

“Sarah, listen to me, I am not making things up, I know that it is hard to believe, I don’t want to hurt you. It has been a tough decision for me to make in order to tell you. I may loose our friendship but I have to tell you the truth because I care about you, you are my best friend” Suha pleaded hoping the Sarah would believe her.

“You don’t want to hurt me?!! This is exactly what you are doing. I don’t believe any word of what you are saying. I can’t believe that my best friend would come up with something this stupid! How can Ali be gay? He is so masculine, can’t you see that! You need to quite this silliness” she said angrily.

“Yes Ali is masculine, I know that, but a man doesn’t have to be feminine in order to be gay. It is a stereotype Sarah. Most gay men are masculine, believe me”. Suha tried to explain, and then asked “You may able to feel it, have he ever touched you?

“Of course he didn’t!” Sarah answered in shock. “What kind of question is this?! Ali is a decent man. He knows that I won’t allow him to touch me before marriage, he respects me for that. It doesn’t mean that he is gay, besides even if he has done anything with another man in the past, it is in the past. He loves me now, and is committed to me. He may have been gay, but he is no longer gay now” Sarah shouted.

“Sarah, calm down please, listen, a gay will always be gay, it can’t be change, it isn’t about the about the act, it is about the attraction. I just want you to be happy, please think about it, don’t make this mistake and marry him” Suha said in tears.

“I will marry him, I don’t know what are you thinking of, but I know that you are not Suha who I know, you are not my friend anymore, go away, don’t talk to me again, I hate you” Sarah burst in anger and left her friend alone, who sat there sorry, and deeply hurt because Sarah didn’t trust her and thought of her badly. She knows that she can’t do anything now; she has delivered her message, and paid her duty. She lost her best friend in the process, but she knows that she has done the right thing.

Like nothing has happened, Sarah continued her preparations for the wedding. She couldn’t understand how her best friend tried to ruin her happiness at this point of her life, but she won’t let her do it. Suha isn’t her friend anymore. She won’t even invite her for the wedding, and hope that she won’t even show up.

It was the happiest day of her life, all of her family and friends gathered to celebrate her wedding. It was a long and exhausting day, but everything went smoothly the way she planned it.

By the end of the wedding party she ended up alone in the room with Ali for the first time in her life. She was anxious for this moment, quite intimidated because she has never practiced her sexuality before.
Society has built a taboo around sex especially for females. Now, all of a sudden, it is the time where is it accepted morally. It is even more of a duty that she has to do this time despite of her fear of this night.

To be continued…


  1. will see the rest, the sound of passion and finding groom to face the society was stonger than the sound of logic,,


  2. True, besides, in her logic, he can’t be gay. She has only this sterotypical image about gays being feminine men.She decides to lose her best friend, rather than losing her dream.


  3. yes, i agree with you..physical appearance does not give the right idea already matched to our mind,we have fixed idea about certain issues,it needs relook again..waiting the rest tomorrow 😉


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