Social Pressure – Page 5

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Social Pressure – Page 5

Ali asked his mother to call hers to set things up in the traditional way without mentioning anything that they have been dating.

When Ali and his family arrived to her house, she pretended that she is seeing him for the first time. Even when her mother told her that someone is coming tonight looking to marry her; she tried to act angrily as she used to do in such situation while hardly holding her smile. It was funny how she sat there near her mother trying not to talk with Ali because she feared that they might sense something.

As usual in these situations, his mother talked about his qualities while her mother talked about hers. The men decided to move their conversation in a different direction and talk about business and politics. It was a lovely evening where the two families got along together.

Afterwards, they had another several family meetings where they discussed everything related to the engagement and wedding. They rushed the engagement party so quickly in about two weeks in order for the couple to be able to go out together in public so that they would know each other better.

The couple of months between the engagement party and her wedding day passed so quickly. She got closer to Ali like never before. It was the happiest period of her life. They got along together so well. They didn’t have any major disagreements, and worked together in preparing their future house. She was so happy and busy wanting everything to be perfect before her wedding.

Unfortunately, nothing can be perfect in this life. Just a week before her wedding day, her best friend Suha called. She wanted to see her urgently. She sounded so serious on the phone that Sarah had to find sometime in her busy schedule in order to meet her.

Their relationship has cooled down in the past couple of months as Sarah got busy in her preparation for the wedding. Suha didn’t like the distance raised between the two long time best friends, but she has managed to understand how people get busy in these circumstances.

“Ali is gay” Suha said. With a stunned look on her face, Sarah didn’t seem to comprehend what Suha just said. “What are you talking about? Are you kidding? She said while looking at her friend without any reaction trying to read Suha’s face expression to tell if it is a joke or not. Suha remained calm as said “You won’t understand it Sarah now, but you need to think about it, it is true, Ali is gay”.

To be continued


  1. she has to be careful and give attention how muche he is attracted to her as female!! lets see what will happen then,,


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