Is gloating punishable? always?

Yesterday, as time was approaching 2:00 PM, I was at work, on chat with a friend.

Me, enjoying the short working hours of Ramadan, was happy that in 5 mins, my work day was about to end, in the other hand, my poor friend, had 2 remaining hours to go. He leaves work at 4:00 PM.

Bearing in mind that I have only 5 mins left, I felt like gloating. As of sending the msn emoition icon with the sunglasses. For a moment, I felt reluctant of doing so, not that because it would hurt his feelings (sure it won’t, it just would stir his envy), but because an idea of a punishment I would get as of last minute call to give me a task.

It made me think of how people try not to gloat. They warn each other not to do so saying that what goes around comes around. If you gloat now, something bad would happen to you later.

How true is this?

Bad things would happen to you in the future whether you gloated now or not. So why not enjoying the moment when you have the high end?


While I am not much of a believer of any super natural powers. Sometimes my mind tries to make sense of outside events as signs of a meaningful cause.

So considering the validitiy of the assumption of getting punished for gloating. I tried to think of how the process works.

Is there somekind of an angel that makes sure to punish the person who gloats? May change his mind for cetain circumstances, or even would mistaken of the amount and kind of punishment a person deserves?


Is it an automated process? Like somekind of a computer program that runs autmotically considering a certain criteria where there is no escape of the result unless you submit certain data.

One has to wonder, if such thing exist, whether it is based on a chaotic process, or well planned logically followed one.


  1. well dear observer its not so automatice or an anagel or any thing , lets say u did gave the sunglasses emotion to ur frnds , there will be the finger response 😉 ( its easy as that ) dont think to much about it ….enjoy ur day


  2. lol!! no i dont think such things happen like u do a bad thing and then something bad comes down to u from the sky, i think its just a way to scare people from doing bad, but u can just check some examples in life to see this is not trueand about (what goes around comes around) well i used to think of that like if u do stupid bad things all the time u end up in trouble, like the reactions of ur actions! thats the only logical meaning of it i guess!!


  3. 🙂 lammoush, I dont believe much of it either, but sometimes we do try to rationalize things, and make meanings out of any sign. What goes around comes around! It is common of people to think this way. Isn’t this the basic principle in Buddhism? as of the Karma, flow of energy,…etc.


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