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“What’s wrong with you today? You don’t look good” he said concerned, “Nothing” she said quickly, she knew that her *nothing* wasn’t convincing, and she doesn’t want to sound like shutting him down, so she continued in a low tone “Well it is my mother”. “What’s wrong with your mother Sarah? Is it serious? He asked. “No Ali, don’t worry, it is just that she wants me to marry this man who is coming over with his family tonight to our house! I don’t like this traditional way for getting married, and I don’t feel like showing up tonight.” she said looking to him in the eyes, and wishing that he would say that he would marry her instead. He smiled “You are cute Sarah, you don’t have to worry. Just check the guy up; you don’t have to marry him. You can always say ‘No’, it is your decision after all. Just relax and enjoy the family gathering” he said that with a wink. Her face turned to red as she felt shy of his sweetness. “Thank you Ali, I will tell you what happens tomorrow”.

She took an early leave from work, went to the hair dresser, and rushed to take a bath and dress up before the guests arrive. It wasn’t the first time a man with his family popped into their house to check her out. She has been there, done that. As usual, her family dressed well waiting for the groom! His mother kept on talking and talking about his qualities all night long, concentrating on his education, bank account, and assets! While her mother concentrated on her qualities of being a good cook and helper to her in her house work. It was almost like the guy was looking to buy a maid!

For days, she had several fights with her mother who fiercely tried to convince her to marry this guy. She used all her ways of convincing including drawing a colorful future around the guy’s money, and playing on her insecurities of the possibility of staying unmarried all of her life. To her mother, it was a chance that Sarah needs to grab.

Ali became her saver. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing as he told her about his interest in her. He said all what she dreamt to hear. He wants something serious. He understands her situation, respects her background and appreciates her mind as well as her looks.

She has never imagined that dreams can suddenly come true this perfectly. He is an understanding person. He has never pressured her to do anything against her well. They had to meet each other in her office so that no one would see them in a public place although she allowed herself to break this rule at certain times, but never been comfortable with that.

For weeks, she had to keep this secret from her family. She wasn’t comfortable with all the lies she had to come up with in order to hide this relationship, but she knew that it won’t keep this secret for long.

As she expected, it didn’t take long before he decided to bring his family over to meet hers in order to propose to her. It was one of the happiest days of her life. She was so excited and thrilled that he is coming to meet her parents. She wanted everything to be perfect that night, and hoped that her father won’t have any objection on this man. She made sure not to tell her parents about their secret relationship.

To be continued…


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