Social Pressure – Page 3

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Social Pressure – Page 3

It didn’t take her much time to find a job. Sure her good educational background, communication and computer literacy skills gave her a good advantage, but she is still wondering from her boss’s looks at her what the real reason of him hiring her is.

Being in his 50’s didn’t restrict him of making sexual comments and advancements towards this young woman. Sometimes he even had the guts to comment on her dressing and at others bring her gifts! It annoyed her like never before. Being sexually harassed at work where she can do nothing about it. She doesn’t want to quite her job, she doesn’t want to tell anyone of her family because she knows that her father or brother would kill this man and end up in jail because of her. She doesn’t want to make a scene either where her reputation would get tarnished. She searched and searched for other vacancies in different companies but it didn’t work. In the meantime, she tried to treat him as professional as she could; she tried to avoid him as much as she could, and when he throws a filthy comment, she either pretends that she didn’t hear, or that she didn’t understand.

In a tough day at work, her mother called. “Hey mom, you seem so excited, what’s up?” Sarah asked anxiously. “You have to leave you work early today my dear, your aunt called, she is coming with her friend’s family who has a son that is looking for a wife” Her mother said firmly and continued “It is a good family, they are wealthy, and he is good educated with good reputation, you need to prepare yourself my lovely girl”

Sarah’s head boiled in anger “Mother, you know where I stand in this, I don’t want to get married this way! Please cancel it”, “No way” her mother answered and continued “His mother already talked to me and I gave her my word, they are coming over tonight. Why don’t you just check him up? You might like him; he might be your destiny, who knows?

Sarah’s anger showed in her tone voice now “I am not goodie that he and his family need to check up before buying!” her mother’s voice become sharper too “This is our traditions Sarah, you have to follow them. Your father would get a heart attack if he heard you saying that you want to meet another man in a public place alone like what other girls do these days! It is all settled up. They are coming tonight. You have no choice.”

Trying to hide her tears from a client who popped into her office suddenly, she hung up the phone and drew a fake smile on her face. It wasn’t exactly a fake smile, as that handsome man has this effect on her. She has known him for a couple of months now. She liked his looks from the very first sight. She does like what she knows of his personality so far from the brief conversations they shared. She does feel comfortable with him and wishes him to be her future husband.

Still she has to watch her attitude with him. She doesn’t think that it is appropriate for her to make the first move. She has been so friendly to him for sometime now; she ought to do something in order to grab his attention.

To be continued…

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