1. How can you equate Qaradawi to war and destruction? when did Qaradawi call for war or defend brutality? I think in your quest to appear “moderare” and “neutral” (code words for wanting to stay in the good graces of the US) you have shot yourself in the foot. But this is a trend among shallow Arab liberal-wannabe and is motivated purely by desire for self-preservation. No thanks to you for this post.


  2. Rana, thanks for your comment.Who said that I equate Qawadri to was and destruction? You have mis-read my charecatreur!My message is that religious leaders can lead some people to destruction (not all of religious people, but those who become extremist). Just watch how The Pope recent speech caused the death of a Nun in Somal. He didn’t called for war or destruction, but his words triggered hatred feelings around the world.In the other hand, neither Madonna, nor Haifa have caused any deaths! Religious leaders accuse those singers of urging the youth sexual desires. Well, those desires breeds more population instead of leading us to kill each other. Adoola, ana ma ba5abbes :). Just speaking out my mind 😉


  3. i know what you are saying. it is not the pope of kardawi in person, but waht they represent. i totally agree tht the ugliest crimes in the hisoty of humanity ahs been commited in the name of relgion and still are… your imagary are a representation of the use of religions, and one has to be really shallow not to be able to see through the images. good expression of the freedom of expression God gifted us with.spot


  4. “i totally agree tht the ugliest crimes in the hisoty of humanity ahs been commited in the name of relgion and still are… “WRONG!!!the ugliest crimes have been committed in the name of nationalism, communism, and racial supremacy.Fact is the greatest crimes against humanity were committed by White settlers in the name of clearing lands and using cheap labour. Never forget that colonialism, WWI and WWII and the communist purges and the Nazi/Japo-Facist crimes, Hiroshima/Nagazaki, Vietnam, Iraq, palestibe all happened in the name of nationalism and protecting wester interests not religion. Fact is, and I hope the pope is listining, some of the most horrendous crimes against humanity were and continue to be committed by White Chrstians and Jews.


  5. totally agree bob and thank you for your non aggressive apporach, yet one unfortuantly cannot disassociate collective communal idntity from the factors that make them and protects thier interest. after all, such systems are busy propogating the culture of want, regardless of waht is left in the wake of taking what they want form the onew who have them.idntity here i can idntify as land, language, relgion, history and culture… the esaist motivator on part of the agreesor and victem, is the use of a relgious doctrine, be it the relgion of the agressor or the one being attacked.. of course not save thier souls, but to grab more posetions and conslidate. that is what i mean use of religion… even communists who said god does not exist, used relgion as part of their effort to consolidte, but this time aginst the relgious establishment, only becuase it was a power house and base and a threat.reasosn for injustice are intertwined and causes for justice are interdependant, yet the common element i find is the use of relgion – not the relgion itself, although taht can be a fruitful dialouge of the possibility of christians usinging chirstianity for earthly gains, same for some muslims using islam and so on


  6. Fadi, very expressive picture. This is always what religious people do they keep shouting for people to fight and convince people of other religions bad points and every one of them tell I have the right religion. And when you look to the results its all about destructions and hating people.It is very funny how Rana think of Qaradawi. Isn’t Qardawi called for Jehad in Iraq regardless of killing Iraqi peoples then back his speech when his Master “Hussni Mobark” hit him on his head.My Question to Rana why not Religious people “especially Qaradawi” call for war against the bad Dictators in Arabic countries and call for freedom, it seems those Dictators are paying a lot to him.


  7. I got your point fadi, I think that religious leaders should use their power and positions to promote peace; at least they shouldn’t have speeches that will encourage people to hate or fight each other …In my opinion politics and religion should be separated, I know many disagree with me 🙂Answer to your question: who says that we need more babies? We are suffering because the population is dramatically growing! Both are bad!


  8. Spot, Bob, our history is full of examples of Religious wars along with Nationalism, Race and other reasons of conflicts. The reasons are usually interfered with each other, and the religion is usually used as a powerful tool to inject more hatred and fuel people’s support.Thanks Raid for pointing up Qardawi speech for calling to Jehad in Iraq. Good point. Natasha dear, I am definatly on your side with this. Politics and Religion should be seperated, for sure 🙂We dont need more babies, but with this trend, we would extint! Abed Hamdan, sure politicians are the masters of the game, they toy with religious leaders along with those singers and other means to achieve their agendas. They need a graphic for their own.


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