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He tried to date some other young women but never worked out for him. Even thought that he gained his youth, he lost any motivation to live. He has been there before, and knows what it is like to grow older. In his first experience of youth, it was a vague future in front of him. He wanted to build his own career, he wanted to build his own family, and he wanted to have children, to live wildly! But now, he had it all. He doesn’t feel like having the energy to go through it again.

He misses his old friends, those old lovely times. There is a gap of thinking between him and his fellow young people at his body age. While there is another gap of energy and life between him and his fellow old people at his mind age. He tried living with his son’s family for a while, but he felt obligated to keep on his disguise, he couldn’t take it off. He felt that it is what caused his wife’s death, so he couldn’t risk it with his son.

Life went on; most of his old friends have passed away, his relatives disappearing one after the other. Even his son, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, died with his entire family in a car accident. He felt like his body parts are dying one after the other. Holding on his memories, he started to create his own fantasizes and conversations. Having a family dinner, a birthday party for his son, Christmas time, family vacations,…etc. He lived it all again and again each day with different scenarios.

Thinking about his life, he looked at his birth, he didn’t choose it, but he loved it and lived with it. He looked at his parents, he didn’t choose them, and he loved them and lived with them. His wife, he chose her, at least that is what he thought, she died, and he didn’t want that. His son was a major part of his life; ironically he didn’t plan to have him. His friends came and go. Everything changes, even his body and his mind. Changes were slow and in small portions at the beginning, now he doesn’t know what to think anymore and doesn’t know how to act anymore. It is just scary.

He learnt that the only constant in his life is his own self. He doesn’t set the rules and he had no real choices in this life. Whether it is written fate of God, or a random luck of nature, he still has his inner space of imagination, where he can build his own realms in a much larger world much bigger than the physical one his body limited to. He closed his eyes, and sank into his own space; never opened back, but eternally felt peace with his love covering the space of his own world.

The End

Guys who followed the story, I would appreciate your feedback now. We can discuss the ideas of it as well. Thanks for all who had the patient to follow it up till the end.


  1. I have read all 7 parts and the more I read the more I was touched. It is amazing how we always want certain things to happen in our lives, and when we get them we end up not happy people. I believe in destiny and in the cycle of life. I don’t want to grow up young, but have a healthy old life and having my family and fiends around me and knowing that I treated others well.Good job Observer!


  2. wow , the ending was a little expected but it’s great for a short story , actully it’s been a while since i last read a story and then started thinking and imagining , but this story did that for me , it was great , here’s a question i felt like asking you : what if you got the chance to be immortal , would you take it or would you chose to die like every other person you know ,


  3. Ali, thanks for those encouraging words. You made my day man :). One has to be careful what he wishes for. Maybe being contempt of what we have can be the answer.Mohammad, thanks for reading it to the end. I am glad you like it. I have thought a lot before of your question. I wouldn’t know what to choose. Being immortal is scary to me as being mortal. Having to live 100000… years, then what? What next, next next? It is a scary idea. In the other hand just dying and vanish is scary as well. Can we have a third choice? I dont think we have, so it is better just to ignore the whole idea before getting a panic attack! A consolidance would be to believe in God who would take care of me what he decides. As in the story, I have chosen nothing. I didn’t choose to live, and I am definatly not going to choose between mortality and immortality. Let me keep enjoying ‘Observing’ my life folding… 🙂


  4. wow, great answer, as for me , if i had a choice i would chose immortality if i have someone to live it with me , if no , then death it is


  5. Your story really highlighted the fact that death is not just a moment, but a process. Our bodies are dying a little bit every day. So this man essentially dies twice. You also touch on the subject of the pain of immortality. Going on living long enough to see those around you die is incredibly painful. But I think that if we didn’t have the hope of immortality in heaven, that most of us would choose earthly immortality over physical death.One thing you don’t address is a sense of purpose. If such a miraculous thing happened to me, I would be sure that it wasn’t just an accident: I would be sure that God had a purpose in giving me a second life, and would do all I could to seek out that purpose and fulfill it. This man doesn’t have that sense of purpose and consequently life is meaningless and empty for him.


  6. Thanks Rebecca for your feedback. You are right when you said that our bodies die everyday, I have posted about that before on my blog, you can read it by following this link: of the sense of purpose in life, this is true as well if someone is a believer or is looking for a meaning for his life. We try to search for a meaning for our lives, a lot of us believe that God has such a purpose for us, but others just live it without even knowing why he came to exist in the first place. Afterall, we haven’t choose to be alive in the first place. Neverthuless, he may had something to work for in his first cycle to read that old age, but when he had to do it once again, he lost the enthusiasm of not know what future brings to us in term of how we grow up. He has been there, done that. I wouldn’t want to go back to high school and live my past 10 years again. Know what I mean?


  7. Maybe there was a purpose of regaining his youth , maybe , it was all to change the way he thought , because you mentioned in the story that he in one part of his life lost faith in god , and became an atheist , maybe that’s the purpose of the whole thing , just to bring him back to god, and lead him to the right path . I don’t know , it’s just an idea , after all it’s not me that wrote the story , what do you think observer !!!


  8. Mmmm, but in the story you can see that at the end the guy is still not sure if it is written fate of God, or a random luck of nature. My aim of the story is neither to give the believers a reason to believe nor to give atheist a reason for not. I guess my message at the end is that no matter whether our lives have a purpose or not, we haven’t choose a thing, and would not choose as well. What we can do is look at our innerself and make peace with ourselves because everything changes around us. We only have our own selves to be with no matter whether we have died or lived an eternal life.


  9. Yes Observer, this story kept me interested and I am so glad he did live out his vows to the wife of his youth even when she was old and he was not.I, like Rebecca, would have liked to have the purpose of it all unpacked, perhaps to see your charcter, like Jacob, grab hold of God and wait for an answer. To see his destiny wrapped up in God’s higher plan. It reminds me of the old song “Turn, turn, turn” based on Ecclesiastes – there is a time to every purpose, under heaven.Thanks!! Keep writing


  10. Thanks Kinzi for your feedback. I am happy to hear the story kept you interested. I am thinking of posting another story that I have wrote a couple of months ago. It is of different subject. Hope people would like it. I will cut it into pages and post it soon. Thanks for reading.


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