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Before he got the chance to answer, she continued “You know what, you can’t stay with me. I love you so much, and understand that with your youth back, you need a young woman to be with. I won’t limit you up”. With his hands around her face, he raised her head, looking in her eyes “Listen to me, this life doesn’t mean anything to me without you. You are my childhood and my youth. You are the colors of my life. I wake up to see you, and lay down each night hearing your heart beats. It is you that needs to help me cope with this; I can’t tell you how scared I am myself”

Holding her up in his arms, he walked to their bedroom. Putting her gently in the bed, and made love to her as never before. Feeling his youth again after all those years, and with all the experience they gained, they made the best performance ever. For her, it was like a dream. She has never felt this happy and fulfilled before. She closed her eyes smiling, continued her own dream, all by herself.

“It must be an awful dream” He screamed in fear at the side of her bed. “Wake up honey, please wake up” He pleaded in tears while shaking up her body. “Where are you?” he looked around in the room, “Why did you go? Don’t leave me alone, where is your soul?” his body falls on hers, he hugged her while moaning “Please come back, please come back…”

Days passed after the funeral, the only one knowing his secret has gone. Loneliness has grown more and more in his heart. Everyday, he wakes up hoping to find his wife back. Every time he walks down the street, he keeps on staring on people’s face hoping that he could find her, if not in her body, in other people’s body. Maybe in her youth, maybe as a baby, maybe as an animal, or a man! Who knows! Sometimes he feels himself crazy staring at everyone trying to locate her. Still doesn’t believe that she is dead. Maybe she went somewhere else, but her soul can’t just fade out like that. At least this is what he kept telling himself, this is what he wants to believe in. He can’t loose her for ever. It is so damn hard living without her.

Sometimes going out without a disguise, sometimes with disguise, his double life continued, with new young friends coming into his life, and some old friends passing away. With his daily search of his wife, he learnt to see her in everything. Now when a cat passes in front of him, he sees his wife, when he looks in the sky, he sees her face, when he talks to his neighbor, he feels her spirit. His love for her spread among his world. He felt that while her soul is spread around, her heart lies in those lovely flowers in the garden that she used to take care of. With each new growing flower, he used to feel her birth again, and with every dying one, he felt sadness for his wife’s death.

To be continued… (only one page left)

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