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wife was a religious person which gave him an insight of how to approach her. He didn’t want to ruin her world, so he needed to come out with something related to her belief system. “Mary” he whispered. She looked at him trying to figure out what he wants. He said “I love you”. A tear stuck into his eyes.

He grabbed her attention now with his seriousness, she looked gently at him again “What’s up my dear?”, “I am scared” he said. She hugged him. He then asked her “Do you believe in miracles?” He knew that she does, he just needed a starting point. “Your prayers have been answered my love. I know that you pray every night for God to ease my pain. A couple of days ago, an angel appeared to me while you were sleeping. He said that with faith, you can tell a mountain to move and it would. With your faith, my love, you moved much more than a mountain, you moved the pain out of my body, and gifted me my youth back again.” He said that while slowly taking off his disguise.

Not believing what is happening. She stood there staring at him in shock. It was certainly the biggest shock of her entire life. Slowly and slowly she saw her husband going back to his youth. “No, this can’t be real. You are not Adam” She screamed with fear! She turned her face away, and then turned it back. It is a copy of Adam at his youth. “Oh, my lord” she missed this person. He stepped closer to her and was about to touch her when she shouted “Stop, don’t touch me, go away” she burst out in tears and fall down on her knees, “Where is Adam? Please bring him back” she begged him. He kneeled down next to her, put his arms around her, and hugged her strongly trying to protect her. He was crying himself. He put his hands around her face, raised her head up, and kissed her on her forehead. “For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.” He whispered in her ear as she started to calm down.

She stood up again, moved three steps back while starting to believe him. “You are Adam indeed”, she looked at him in admiration. She moved slowly forward to check him up. Put her hands on his face, touching his eyes, his nose and his lips. “It is you honey” she said, with tears and a smile she dropped her body in his arms. “Hug me Adam, hug me my love”.

In his arms, she couldn’t tell how she feels now. She is positive that a miracle happened. She is so happy for him. Now that all his pain is gone, he looks cuter than ever. It is like life came into his body once again. She felt somehow jealous, but also guilty for feeling this. She is happy for him, but she can’t ignore her fears. She wants to get her youth back too. She looks like his grand mother now. Suddenly her happiness turned into fear, feeling her insecurities rise, she spoke up in concern “Do you still love me?”

To be continued…


  1. i just have to say OMG , you can clearly see the improvment in your writing from page 1 to page 5 , and the part where her read his vows to her , it’s just .. i can’t find words to describe , keep it up …. i would give this one 9/10


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