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Back home now, nothing has changed. In disguise, he looks exactly the same old man of yesterday. He even can mock the way he used to move. It is bless that he still has his memory. He smiled as he entered the house, trying to be cautious not to make any fast or unusual move to his age.

The rest of the day passed as usual. His mind was occupied with one idea. How the hell would he tell his wife? At night, he couldn’t sleep. His wife was lying next to him in bed. His mind was working so hard, he kept on looking at her, remembering those old nice days. He has a great fear of loosing her now. Looking at her, with her wrinkles, and weak body, he adores the way she turned out to be at this age. He loved her at first sight; he loved every phase of her body and mind evolvement over the years, in her twenties, thirties, forties and even now in her late sixties. He always loved her, they have been through a lot together, and he is sure that she would accept his newly/old body, they will deal with it together. He is positive.

What a lovely angel lying next to him. He bent down, slowly moved his head near hers, he kissed her gently on her forehead wishing her sweet dreams. A tear came out of his eyes. He then found himself searching for the bible. It has been long time ago since he opened it. At some point, he became an atheist. He thought that his body would just die and vanish. Now, with these unusual circumstances, he found himself obligated to search for the truth, he may find a hint in the bible, he may find it somewhere else, he doesn’t know. He just can’t let go of his fear. Will it be a continuous cycles where he would get old then young over and over again? Or it is just one chance for him to re-live his life. He knows one thing now; he should be careful what to wish for. He smiled at this thought, closed his eyes, and slept hoping something would change in the morning.

Next day, nothing has changed, he tried to talk out with his wife, but couldn’t. He couldn’t even tell anyone. A few days passed, and he felt lonely, lonelier than ever. He started living a double life. Maintaining his old relationships, and builds some new ones with people at young age. He felt so uncomfortable with these changes, and with secrets built gradually in his life, he felt that he is drifting away of the person her loves the most in this world. Everyday, sitting near her, he tried to speak up, to end up speechless. Words got stuck in his throat. He panics over and over when ever he wants to talk. Suddenly, at one evening, it came out.

To be continued…


  1. it’s getting better and better as you go on , and i just thought of a twist you can add to make it more intersting and to give a happy ending to the story , ps: there’s alot of unanswered questions , so you have to go on …


  2. Mohammad, what twist is in your mind? You can write to us here how do you think is would be more interesting and at the same time see how it goes as I post the rest of it. and you can also ask me what you want, I can gladly answer you… 🙂


  3. Saadna, you haven’t read the other parts yet?!! 😦Well, I am doing good, hope everything is going well with you too.Rebecca, I am glad you are enjoying the story. Sometimes we have to be careful of what we wish for. Maybe what we have is just the best we can have in such circumstances. Contempt might be the answer 🙂


  4. It is kindof a leap to think he can fool his wife into thinking he is the same, even if she can’t see well, his mucles tone would give it away.I’m glad he is coming back to the foundation of faith in his youth, I hope he retains the wisdom of his years


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