Young old man short story – Page3

Here I am posting page-3 of my story. I didn’t get any feedback yet, and still not sure if there are people actually following up with it. If there is any, kindly leave me a comment.

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Page 3

Putting his cell phone on the table, he felt this weird urge of checking it out. It wasn’t a phone call or a message text, but he just suddenly lost that fear of this new device. He wanted to explore it and see what it is all about. He used just to use it to receive and make calls. He pressed on the menu, and found the camera icon, switched it on, and took some pictures of the place around him, he then found himself only interested in taking picture of his own body now, his face, hair, teeth and biceps. He even sneaked to the bathroom for a moment, took off his shirt, and pictured his upper body.

Back to his seat, the phone range. With a bold head, a picture of a 50 years old man appeared on the phone screen. Ops, he sarcastically laughed, his son looks as if he is his father now! He can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out that his father looks younger than him! The smile faded out as he remembered how much he wished to have his father younger. He never wanted his father to look like his son, but he dreamt to ease his pain through his aging process especially in his latest days. Seeing his parents in pain was probably more painful to him than the pain he endured through his own aging especially that he couldn’t do anything to help. Now, he also realized that he might have to go through with this again, but with his son this time, he whispered that this isn’t fair as he replied on the phone, “Hello son”.

“Good morning father, how are you doing today? How is yours and mom’s health? Are you taking your medication on time?” His son’s voice sounded so distanced and tired. With a concerned tone he replied “Good morning son, I am doing so well, even better than ever but what about you? You don’t sound good? Is everything ok?”. “I am doing fine, it is just my wife, she fall down yesterday, I took her to the doctor, and after doing some examination, she turned out to have diabetes, I feel so bad for her”. He felt bad for his daughter-in -law, but he had to reassure his son so he said “I am sorry to hear this dear, it is a bit serious, but you can deal with it together. I have been dealing with diabetes for 20 years now. You just need to do some changes in her life style and watch out what she eats. Listen, why don’t you take a vacation and come for a visit? We miss you so much here. Maybe you can bring your son too, he must be in his summer vacation now”.

As he ended the phone call, his coffee arrived. He cheered the waiter, which replied with a smile. Then jokingly asked him “Do you believe in reincarnation?” the waiter, surprised by his question, replied “No, I don’t think so. There is no evidence of reincarnation in the bible. I personally can’t find a reason for God to recycle someone’s life over and over again. The idea of hell and heaven is much reasonable to me”.
Adam’s smiled, added some sugar to his coffee, not worrying about his diabetes anymore, he already ate a big bar of chocolate. He would be dead by now if he still has diabetes. Anyway, he was thinking of how ironic his situation is. He has never examined hell or heaven as a real destination, but he feels some kind of reincarnation which is reality for him, it isn’t exactly reincarnation, but it is sure a recycle of his life. Mmmmm, it isn’t even a recycle, maybe reincarnation would have been easier for him to start blank with nothing. He still has his memory, his wife is the same, his son is the same, and everything seems to be the same as of yesterday. He is moving on his life with a younger body. Is this some kind of a gift?

It is not the right time to think about this. He needs to do some searching and reading, maybe he would figure out something, in the meantime he needs to deal with it, and he can’t stay that long away of home. His wife would be shocked to death if she sees him this way, he can’t risk it. A temporary solution might be by disguising back. Wearing an old man shell to look as he was yesterday is the best way to deal with it now, until he finds a way to tell his wife.

To be continued…


  1. me too i need to know what happens to this guy , would he be back to an old state or go find some new things to do..come on man , we need more


  2. I am also compelled to read on…I like the comment about God not recyclign the old, He is all about redemption and newness.Hate to be picky, some of the grammer errors distracted me. I do like the style.


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