Young old man short story – Page2

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Page 2

Suddenly she turned her face towards the refrigerator, he freaked out and hides, then he sneaked back to his room. He doesn’t want to shock his wife; still he wants to know whether this is for real or not. He put on his clothes quickly, with a smile on his face, he remembered how just yesterday it used to take him ages to put on his trouser plus there is no pain whatsoever in his joints back or even neck! He doesn’t like what he is wearing now, it was good yesterday, but with his youth back, he thinks that he looks a bit awkward. He then felt like he is thinking in a silly way, there is much more important things that he needs to take care of. He grabbed his wallet, his cell phone, and rushed out of the house. In his way out, he remembered to leave a note to his wife that he needed to go for a while.

He reached his car, and then remembered that he forgot the keys in the house, he feared to go back so that his wife would see him now. Then he thought that it is better this way, he wants to walk! He wants to run, and feel his youth, especially in this sunny lovely day. The supermarket is at the end of the road, he found his legs moving fast running, jumping, and singing, he even danced on the street, saying hi to every single person he meets on his way.

When he entered the supermarket, his eyes fall directly on that large chunky bar of chocolate, he run to pull it when he noticed that beautiful young woman standing at the side and checking him out, he glimpsed at her, he noticed a weird look in her eyes but couldn’t tell what it means. He ignored her and passed across her to the cashier who he knows very well.

For an instance, he forgot his transition, so he, as usual, cheered the young lady behind the cash. “Good morning Sara” he said. She looked at him trying to figure out who is this handsome young man who is calling her by her name. She then smiled, and said “You must be Adam’s grand son, he always talks about you, but I have never imagined that you look this handsome, I should have tell, you look like a younger copy of Adam himself. I guess that you need not to worry how you are going to look when you grow older”.

Her words stroke him hard. Should he worry about how he is going to age again? He has been through it. He managed to overcome that fear over the years. With every new white hair, he knew that time is passing. At some stage, he started preparing himself for leaving this life, but then now, he finds himself here, again, young and handsome man, talking to this sweet lady.

He smiled back to the young lady, node his head, and said “You never know, Adam’s did not have the best aging, but still he did better than others. By the way, he also talks about how sweet you are, he asked me to give you his regards”. He then paid her, picked up his stuff, and moved out heading to the nearby coffee shop.

Here he maybe able to sit alone and think clearly of this situation. He can’t stay missing of home this much. He also can’t just go back to his wife like this. He needs to figure out something. How can he tell his wife?

To be continued…

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