A conversation with God

Alike Abed Hamdan’s conversation with death yesterday on his blog. I had one with God. Read…

Screaming in despair, his voice filled the entire universe, still no one can hear his pain. It is a holy fear of existence that eternally committed to join him since the very first day of his awarness. When did it happen first? He does know, he is limitless. No boundaries what so ever, he can set up a starting point of time, he can go much further beyond that, he created time, it is all at his disposal.

In a tiny spot, in a dark room of a small house that exists at one of the unlimited planets in the universe. The Observer lies in his bed, trying to breath hard after a panic attack he got of his fear of death. “Please help me lord” he screamed in despair. “You must exist, I need you”. Inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale, he opened his eyes trying to escape his fears. He looked around, quite relieved that he is still alive. Feeling the intimacy of the familiarity of things around him, his bed, pillow, desk, mirror, closet, and clothes scattered everywhere, he felt more relaxed, looking towards the ray of lights that are coming through the window, he felt some appreciation, then whispered “Thank you”.

Looking around the walls of his bedroom, he started praying for a miracle, a proof. He closed his eyes, and pleaded “Please God, show me anything, just anything to make me believe.”. Frightened, He opened his eyes expecting to see something, maybe an angel, a sign, anything to ease his fear. Unfortunatly, or may it be fortunatly nothing happened. He may have passed out if something just appeared in front of him just like that. Maybe it is better to believe without seeing as the bible says, but He can’t just do that.

Pushing himself to face his fears, he closed his eyes again and sinked deep into his own universe. He couldnt tell from where but a deep sound reached him. He heard a question “Why do you need me?” “Because I want to feel safe. I know that with no time, I will die. It scares me, I dont want to disappear in void, and I dont want to keep my existance for ever. I want you to take care of me my Lord” The Observer said.

Let me tell you something Observer, the voice became clearer. I do understand your fear and your needs. You have to know that you are dying every second. As time go on, you change. You are not the same person you were last year, last month, last day or even last second. So no need to fear death. I live it myself. I am everything in this world. You are a part of me. Death is a part of me. Change is a part of me. You feel a subset of what I feel. I am all.

The voice continued in a calm tone, look at yourself, when do you feel yourself alive? he asked.

The Observer got caught up with the question, and couldnt find a good answer.

It is what you create, what you bring to life is what you live for.

Look at me God said. What keeps me alive is my creation. I live for you, for my universe. For what I did, and what I do, and what I will do.

The Observer stopped in silence for a moment, then said “Thank you God, I now know why I am here. You want me to create things. To work, and make a change in this world. I am a picture of you, and will follow your path to feel my life, and live it fully.


  1. Dear Observer, if GOD exists then he can’t prove to you his existing because if he do that then he should answer the next question “who made him exists”.If you scan the history you will find the actual war is between GOD and Evil, during the last thousands years GOD couldn’t win over Evil although he created Evil! then the question is who deserve to fear of; GOD or Evil?


  2. Observer, I’m glad I stopped by, that was really good!I think God loves it when we come to Him with our doubts and fears, even about Him. How much more He loves it when we come convinced of His goodness.Iraq Observer…God was not at war, He allowed an element of evil when he gave us free will to choose evil or choose Him. He proves His existence in the thunder and the powerful ocean waves, and also in the quiet miracles of the heart and mind, as is shown here.


  3. Iraqi Observer, maybe there is neither good nor evil. God is all, and all is God. We tend to percieve God as a reflection of us. That is how I came up with this dialogue. I reflected my own fears and feelings to whom suppose to be everything in this world. I am a part of all.Abed Hamdan, I am glad to hear that you are a believer. At least, it eases your fear of existance and death, as you showed in your dialogue with death. Kinzi, I am glad that you stopped by as well 🙂 Guys, I am not sure whether the message of this dalogue is clear or not. I tried to address the idea that our creation is what give more meaning to our lives rather than God existance. Even for atheists, they can’t deny that God exists at least in human’s minds, his creation 😉


  4. As a Christian, I believe I was made in the image of God (in that He made us with aspects of His character as a gift to be given to others), and that part of my reason to exist is to reflect His glory – rather than He to reflect me. It is my prayer, to be a display of His splendor. (Now that I’ve read your blog for the first time, I’ll check your series out next time I’m on-line)


  5. Kinzi, as a Christian as well, the concept of God is being all. What does all include? Thinking about it, once do wonder does our thoughts and fears is part of this all. Can we feel something the all didn’t feel? It is philosophical, but creation of anything do reflect the glory of the creator. Don’t you think so?I will be waiting for your feeback on my short story when you check it out. Thanks 🙂


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