US Cost of war Vs Saudi’s Oil revenue

In Jordan Business magazien August issue I came to read 2 numbers that caught my attention. Both numbers were listed in the same page. The first one is about 206 billion dollar which is the cost of the US war on Iraq. The second one is about 260 billion dollar which is the revenue of oil exports for Saudi Arabia in 2005.

Maybe the resemblance of the numbers is what caught my attention. What first came to my mind is the absurd idea we hear daily about the US real motive of attacking Saddam’s regeme which a lot believe is to take over the oil of Iraq.

How the hell can that be true if the oil cost per barrel jumped from around 25$ before the war to around 70$ now? It is like the USA has to pay 3 times more than it used to pay before in addition to the cost of war as well.

In the other hand, the Saudi’s are enjoying the extra profits.

And that would be fine if Saudi Arabia is a democratic country where human rights are respected. But unfortunatly it is not. In fact, it is where most terrorists came from.

Osama bin laden made his money in Saudi Arabia, didn’t he? How much of the oil revenue is going to others who can be the next bin laden?

Following the logic we usually go with in playing the victim role for the interests of the west in our national resources. I am trying to figure out who is the most beneficial party of the war on Iraq.

Israel? While Israel wasn’t Saddam’s favourite country, but he didn’t impose any a threat on it. He caused much more trouble to Iran and Kuwait and imposed more threat to the Arab gulf countries rather than Israel. I don’t buy the idea of Israeli lobby pushing the US administration to go into this war.

Iran? Mmmm, it seems that it gained much by getting rid of Saddam’s regeme. Their infleuence in Iraq grew stronger. They even were able to caue more trouble to Israel by giving a better support to Hezbollah, and now concentrating on creating their nuclear weapon that seem to be coming soon.

Saudi Arabia? First they got rid of Saddam’s regeme, and then they enjoyed the extra profit of oil revenue.

Can the US administration be that stupid? Where are all their scientist, and strategical plans? Or can the US leaders be bought? maybe by some Saudi’s oil owners. Maybe by the like of Bin Laden, who enjoys the extra money coming at the expense of other people’s lives while at the same time using religion to achieve their own goals.

One just can wonder…


  1. oh, please. then jordan benefits too. because it either gets a free oil grant or 3/4s of that money goes to king abdullah of jordan when he dons his arabic clothes and comes on his annual panhandeling visit, remember?


  2. Man, I didn’t mean to offend Saudia as a country, or Saudi people. My post was meant only to those being in charge of oil.But does Jordan benefit? Sorry, but we had to go through 3 consequent raisese in oil prices in the past year. We had only some little free oil grants that didn’t last long. And we had to host nearly a million of Iraqi refuges in our cities.


  3. The real one who benefit is IRAQ from this war because of below reasons:1) we get rid of Saddam “the most stupid and criminal leader in the world”2) we discovered how Arabs support Iraqis by sending Bombing Bodies and how they are in love with Saddam regardless of how may died because of him. Arabs were watching us during the last 35 years and we know the reason because of free oil and support to Palastine’s resistance “money wise”. And we USA came they just wake up and remember IRAQ.3) we live the elections / democracy / freedom the first time without faking. when I went to elections I went there without pushing and with total love to my country.Till now you will not see the benefits very clear because we will in boring stage, it just 3 years past after 35 years of corruptions. it will take time and will come the day when results appears on the ground. Anyhow Iraq is not better than Japan or Germany who took tens of years to build their countries and writing their constitution, we did a major step now which is constitution and we have democratic government which represent the real Iraqis regardless of its weaknesses and strengths.


  4. IraqObserver, till now the Iraqi’s are paying a high price. I am sorry of what you had to go through under Saddam’s regeme, and what you are going through now as well. Hope that future would bring a better life to the Iraqi’s.I just feel sad about the resentment some Iraqi’s feel towards other Arabs, which I do understand. Sometime media lead us in the wrong way. We have a weird way of thinking that refuses to support the foreigner against who is related to us no matter how bad our relative can be to us.


  5. Long live Iraq and the Iraqi people. America maybe winning a few battles here and there but they are losing the bigger war. Islam shall prevail and take over these corrupt lands and turn them into righteous ones the way they were under the Abbasid and Ummayad empires. As for the Arabs leaders now … i am confident in saying that these are all cowards and scum bags that are not worrying about anything but their thrones and their political and social status of which they attained through false succession of unjust aristocracies… And for the Arab people now that have nothing to do with politics and are just living their daily lives trying to earn a hard works pay … i tell you Enna Allah ma’assabireen … Assalamu Alaikom wa rahmat Allah was barakatu


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