Twins Palm Trees in our roads

Has anyone noticed how many twins palm trees do we have in our roads?

You know, we always drive without really noticing some small details around us. Most of us do notice the general view of things like the palm trees scattered around the roads, but maybe very few have really notice some difference among those trees.

I thought it was funny when I first noticed that two trees seem to share the same root as in the picture. I didn’t know what to think, is it a mistake by the people who implanted it? because I know that they bought those trees as complete tress not as seeds and implant it to grow. So have they just implanted two togather? or implant a seed that resulted in twins? And what it they did implant a seed, why don’t they remove one of those trees now? It is just funny how they look.

And it isn’t only in one place. I noticed this phenomena in different roads in Amman!

This picture has been taken near The Safeway of Shemisani.

Has anyone else noticed any? Where?


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