Well a Muslim who drinks is not really a Muslim!

At AdBlogArabia they posted a picture of Zidane holding a Kronenbourg Beer in his hand. I guess it is an advertisement for the beer.

What stopped me to comment on the post is what has been written below the ad picture:

To begin with, I typically never blog about alcohol advertising.
Our blog is, after all, called Ad Blog Arabia.

I wrote down:

You said it yourself, it is Ad Blog Arabia, not Ad Blog Islam!

It isn just that you can find people following other religion than Islam while being Arabs, but you can also find many Arabic Muslims who are not really religious and would find some interests in Alcohol ads.

Someone named Khaled replied

well a Muslim who drinks is not really a Muslim. i never considered zidane so long ago. i have no prob with Christians drinking orJewss drinking, its normal for them. but shame for a Muslim who drinks. anyway hope Allah open their eyes and guide them to real Islamm.

a Muslim that drinks is such a shamefull figure. Sorry to see that.

I am wondering how can people so easily judge each other? Why a Muslim who drinks is considered not to be a real Muslim while other who lies can still be a real one?

Isn’t both lying and drinking forbidden in Islam?

I have a Muslim friend who used to drink but had a good faith in his religion. He knew that he would pay for his drinking habit when he dies, but he kept his faith. Ironically he used to refuse eating pork!

Another Muslim friend of mine. He never tasted Alcohol, and would never do so, but he didn’t have a problem to have some sex (not complete) with women when he had the chance. Does that make him any more real Muslim than my other friend who used to drink? or does it make them both unreal Muslims?

A third friend of mine. A Muslim lady who doesn’t wear a veil, which is sinful in Islam. She used to go out with us (male friends) and sometime wearing some tight clothes and a bit of revealing ones (nothing drastic than what normal women wears these days in Amman). She used to refuse even touch the glass of beer I drink. Does not wearing a veil make her unreal Muslim? and not drinking make her a real one? Is she a better Muslim than my friend who drinks?

People seem to be hypocrite in nature. We tend to accept sins that are convenient for us while condemning other people for doing other mistakes that we don’t do just because we can just not make them!


  1. well everyone stays a Muslim until they renounce publically that they no longer believe in the religion. there is a misunderstanding because the Prophet pbuh said a Muslim is someone who abides by the pillars and the quran. but what he was saying is that a Muslim, one who submits to the will and worship of Allah, is someone who does those things. In other words there is a difference between being born Muslim and actually being a Muslim. Its like being born in a country which automatically entitles you to citizenship, and actually being a citizen by paying taxes, serving in civic duty, abiding by the laws of the land etc.you cant strip someone of the citizenship unless they renounce it or you’ve committed treason, but at the same time there are acts which make you a practicing citizen.also we cannot mix and compare the kaba2er sins with the lesser ones. and yes there are many hypocrites out there, this is nothing new.


  2. hi Nas,I agree with your first line. No Muslim can deprive another Muslim from being one just because he sinned, even if it is one of the Kaba2er sins. A Muslim can abandon Islam just by announcing it publically. The problem in religion that eventhough you can find some majority of scholars who agree in certain issues, you can always find some individuals who always can say a different story and can interpret the holy books and scripters in a different manners.People tend to take what suits them in religion and dismiss what doesn’t. It is our nature. I just don’t like those who judge others and try to impose their own set of believes on them. This may sound a bit ignorant, but I don’t really know what is considered to be under the Kaba2er. I know drinking alcohol is. But, does haveing sex outside marriage boundaries one of the Kaba2er? and what if it is just oral sex without a complete intercourse?


  3. DearExcuse me but ur analysis is neither logical nor relevant. Islam has highlighted what is prohibited & what is not. so a sin is a sin no matter how serious or trivial it is. Period. Why would u confuse yourself by what the society thinks or says. People in our culture are simply double standards!Regards,


  4. I naturally have no oppinion on that matter yet I thought I’d share some information you may find amusing. The only reason that historic Russia (that includes Ukrain and Belorussia, yet excludes Tatar, Caucus etc areas)converted to Christianity rather then to Islam in the year 988 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baptism_of_Kiev), was, yes, you guessed it right, the prohibition of alcohol.The Wikipedia article doesn’t have the details of 4 days of talks with 4 groups of missionaries, that was supposed to end with a great orgy with the winning party, naturally with a lot of booze. And that’s when by then the winning team had to reluctantly forfeight to the runner-up.Anyway, just thought I may cheer up you guys a bit.


  5. arab lady, I think that we as human beings, not just Arabs, have some kind of hypocirsy in each one of us. We see the stoke in the others eyes, while ignore the beam in ours. Yes, sin is a sin, but in Islam, sins differ in impact. People tend to choose what they can abide with and what they can’t. And sometimes things can’t be that clear, there is always a different opinion in interpretting everything. Even when scholars agree on something, it doens’t have to be right. A group of people can go astray.When the Prophet came, people fought him, they thought their Gods were the right ones. He was only one person who had a different opinion than many. See my point? May I ask you what is illogical and irrelevent in my analysis? Thanks..


  6. Well Observer, that is just absurd. I mean, Christians are not allowed to get drunk, but some of them do, does that means khalas, they should be shown the door out of Christianity? Of course not, and I think the same implies to Islam. There’s a difference between a sinner, and a non-Muslim, a sinner, can still pray, and can still fast. A friend of mine, had a father, who would fast during Ramadan, and break his fast by drinking a glass of Arak! Is he not a Muslim?People just love pointing fingers, khalas, they just love to judge, and love to hate. If you do something, they may not agree with, khalas, it’s like you’re their worst enemy.Frankly, I call myself a Muslim, but I’m really not. I happened to be born to Muslim parents, true, I do still embrace some Islamic thoughts, and I really think that religion and everyday life should be severed. That’s my opinion, I’m free with it.If people, only learned to tolerate each other, then life would’ve been a lot easier.To that Khaled person, who thinks that he said that right thing, personally, I find what he said offensive to me. How come he turns out to the good guy, while I, a Jordanian who happens to be a “Muslim” and who happens to also drink, I must tolerate him. However, he can’t tolerate my own beliefs?Where’s the justice in that?Just a note to everybody: Not everybody is religious, and the same way you can’t tolerate “Kaffirs”, I can’t tolerate religious people. Or just because they’re on the “right path”, that justifies their intolerance? If you don’t want to tolerate me, go to Iran, drinking there is forbidden, in Jordan, it’s allowed. It’s here, and it’s about time that you just accept it, and move on with your life.


  7. You know what, some people just “react” when they see a Muslim celebrity do something wrong. The same thing happened when Kareem AbulJabbar (LA Lakers) did a beer commercial. Those same people don’t necessarily believe that a muslim who drinks is a kafir in real life. They just get offended when a celebrity does so. Again, who doesn’t attack celebrities!Being a Muslim, drinking is Haram. But there’s a difference between a sinfull person, and an evil person. I mean, if someone drinks, he’s not evil unless he tries to influence someone else to do so. Again I’m a muslim so I’m using that prespective. Think about it? If one of your friends sells crack to crackheads, would you do anything about it? How about if he sells it to your younger brother? Is he evil now?Take carezz yall…Moe


  8. Moe, but Alcohol is different than Cracks! Sometimes our behaviour boggles me, I mean like allowing all kinds of smoking, and having most of the coffee shops serving argileh where people who don’t drink for religious reasons find in smoking a subsitute of Alcohol, and yet still consider themselves doing the right thing! I think that doing anything harmful to your body is sinful. Smoking can cause much more damage to your body than moderate drinking of Alcohol. We just follow the mainstram without using our heads. Why don’t we examine the reasons of why God prohibited somethings in the first place? It the reason is not longer valid, or can be contained, then why go with it? Nothing is absolute. And why consider a person who promotes Alcohol as an evil one? Maybe in the Islamic sense he has gone astray, he might be ignorant of how sinful drinking is, but I dont think he would be evil. Maybe he just promotes it to the people who drink, not those who don’t.


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