Lebanese Kids discussing their differences on TV

‘El 7al Be Eidak’ is one of the best Arabic TV shows that is broadcast on New TV (A leading Lebanese TV station). Rania Baroud the hostess, is beautiful, well educated, knows how to manage her guests, and shows much intellectuality and intelligence. I would vote for her to be my favourites TV host.

Yesterday they had an amazing episode. They brought 7 lebanese kids, all around the age of 10 years old only, and are so much interested in Politics!

The aim was to gather kids belonging to different sectors of the Lebanese spectrum. One belonging to the Future sector of Saed AL Hariri, another young lady with a veil belongs to the Sheia sector backing Hassan Nasrallah Hezbollah Leader, a Christian kids, 2 independent kids, and another one calling for peace! What amazed me is how much those kids know of their leaders and politics, and how much solid their believes and views are.

While talking, they sounded like grown ups, they know much information about the situation in their countries, and they are aware of their differences, and what each of them represents.

At first, Rania allowed them to argue their views and differences. They shouted, screamed on each other, and was about to fight but Rania being the brillian hostes she is, was smart enough to remind them of argueing civilizely! She treated them like grown ups, and asked them question as if they are. What was surprisengly pleasing that they learnt easily when to listen and when to talk, even better than those grown ups we watch on Al Jazeera TV!

At the end of the episode, Rania asked them to say what each other think can be a shared platform to start their negotiations in order to live peacefully with each other. All of them agreed that they share common ground of loving Lebanon and wanting the best for it. They all admired this quality in each other.

Finally one of the kids requested from them all to stand up holding each others hands and singing their national song.

While Rania asked the Lebanese in their homes to encourage and teach their kids the culture of accepting the other.

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