1. from were do u get all these thoughts man , nice but do u belive in Extraterrestrial , khalek 3al a2rd la te3la kteer 😉


  2. :), no, I dont believe in Extraterrestrial, but even if any kind of life exists in another planet. I would take millions of years to send a simple signal! Which means that it isn’t possible to contact any if it exists.


  3. Nice one, but the problem if we could go there “to the Peace Plants”, GOD will spoil it up and drop us a new prophet and we start the whole story again 🙂


  4. Interesting…but I don’t think it’s accurate. I think religion divides people up. When you read the news, you always read about the Buddhists fighting off the Tamils or the Christians fighting against the Muslims or the Jews fighting whoever and so on and so forth.But what you EVER heard the “Atheists” as a group fighting a big-scale war against anyone?


  5. Well saadna their is a difference in ideology between Atheists and other groups of different believes. Yes, at some point the USSR had to fight relgious people because of communism.We do fight for our believes no matter what they are.


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