Begging for building a mosk in the streets of amman!

I wish I took a picture of the sign those 2 men where holding while I was ordering some shawerma for lunch in Jabal El Hussen.

They had this white board aka those signs where a person writes his name and place it at the entrance of his house. On the board is written some text in black saying that they are collecting donations for building the Mosk of xxx (a name of a certain man).

They were two adult men, one wearing white dress and the other black dress while both have long beard as of showing to be religious people.

I wonder if this kind of collecting money for charity is allowed here in Jordan? and how much credibility those two men have? Would the money people pay in the streets go to building the Mosk? or those guys are just thieves who want to make money for themselves by playing on other people’s religious believes?

Whether they are honest with their attempt or not, does it make it right for people to collect money to build a Mosk that holds their names? Can my friend collect money from the streets to build a Mosk for his father? It reminds me the way I have seen in Churches of Amman selling their walls and placing people’s names.

It is bad to use religion in order to make money. Can’t we have laws against that?


  1. You remind me when Saddam built a Mosque of “million dollars” and name it The Great Saddam’s Mosque while Iraqis were striving to eat. He thought his name will be last for generations. Now after our freedom they simply change the name to Salam Mosque and his name is wiped out in History Bin.I think those kinds of people who collect donations by the name of Islam know that religious people are guided by Quran and it is hard to use their minds so it is easy to convince someone to donate for his faith.Secondly in Islam, Mosque is the house of GOD, so how to name it for ordinary people.If I someday want to collect donation, I prefer it to give it to poor Muslims rather than building a luxury Mosque for Masked Muslims.


  2. Why does Mosque have to be luxurious these days anyway?!! Wasn’t a stand and a couple of people praying togather was enough at the Prophed Mohd time?And does the man holding the name of the Mosque keeps gaining good points for his judgement day no matter whether he actually funded the Mosque or not? Do those people who donate to fund this Mosque gain good points as well as long as it is working?


  3. I find all this very interesting. Don’t know that much about Islam even though my father’s side is Arabic… I mean, isn’t there enough mosques in the world? Why build more?


  4. I am not sure if there is enough mosques in the world or not, but as muslim population grows, their need for more mosques grows as well.You know Saadna in Islam there is a law where when you good deed is still alive and running, you keep on adding points to your side on judgement day. For instance building a mosk which would serve other muslims for years to come would add many good points to the person responsible of building it even if the person have died a long time ago.


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