Lebanese in Amman making me realize how fortunate we are

People don’t realize how fortunate they are until they see others misfortune.

Driving back to Amman from Fuhes after visiting my grandparents on a Friday afternoon. I enjoyed that whole way back home with vast streets, modern villas and high new nice white buildings with good amount of green all telling how wonderful Amman as a city is becoming. Hey, Ammanis are really becoming rich!

My favourite time is the afternoon near the sunset. Friday is great, you have plenty of time to relax and when you go out you don’t find many people in the streets as there is no heavy traffic like in the other days of the week. Summer in Amman is wonderful, it gets hot at mid-day, but when it approaches the afternoon and the nights it becomes just awsome.

I had to stop for a while at the Rabieh traffic light of the Ettesalat circle. I was enjoying the time, my beautiful city and the music of Elissa. Next to my car, I noticed a lebanese car, a family, the parents with two adorable kids. The kids seem to be around 5 years old, one was sitting next to his mother at the front seat looking in his exploring eyes around the city trying to figure out why did he have to leave his home and be here.

It saddened me how this family had to flee its home, but I felt so fortunate that I still can go home, I still can enjoy the beauty of my city and feel secure in my life.

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