A funny incident

This is Allah?
A previous co-worker of mine has been living in the US for sometime. He came back to Jordan with his family 2 years ago. The other day he took his little son of 5 years old with him to the Mosk for Friday’s prayers.

The little boy asked him “Where are we going dad?”

He said “We are going to Allah’s house son”

As they reached the Mosk and were waiting for the prayer to start. The little boy kept on looking for Allah.

When ever a man enters, he asks his dad “Daddy, is this Allah?”

His dad answers “No habibi, this isn’t Allah”

Suddenly the Sheikh entered the Mosk with his long white beard and long white dress. The little boy in excitement as he thought that finally found what he was looking for, jumped and shouted while pointing his finger towards the Sheikh “That’s it, This is Allah!”

The crowd around looked at him and laughed while his father stayed silent in embarassement.

Other funny incidents

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