6 shocking realizations in life

6. Love
I used to believe that there can be only one true love in a person’s life and that love would last forever. My parents have set a good example for me by still showing affection to each other after 30 years of marriage. I thought that if I found that love, it would never go away, and so I got stuck in love with someone for 10 years, I never thought that it ever possible for me to move on, but it happened, suddenly, and in a couple of months. I realized that when things don’t work out, love can be controlled, erased, and a new one can be written, nurtured and raised. It only needs a DECISION.

5. Friendship
I value friendship a lot, and adore my friends. When I build solid friendship with someone I like, I think it would last for a life time, as I used to think of love, unfortunatly I realized that in life, friendships can broke up easily, and without someone realizing the reason. Whether it is a SILLY fight, some people coming between us as of BF/GF, moving to another country, or just disappearing, it is always upsetting to lose ties with a close person.

In my diary of school at 9th grade a friend wrote me “We will always be friends, we will always talk and care for each other and live our future the way we lived our past”. The following year, as of 10th grade, we stopped talking or caring about each other. I don’t know what happened, it is saddening.

4. Arabic Union
At school, all subjects talk about our history and Arabic union. They planeted in us the idea of being one big nation seperated by lines drawn by imperialism forces. In reality, people around the Arab world differ a lot, even in language that I thought is the base of our union. Shocking reality is that the Arab union was just a dream, we have different countries that have many conflict of interests.

3. Sex
For years I have heard about sex. It is a big deal in this part of the world. People say that someone who hasn’t had sex yet is missing a lot. Like he is missing a big part of life – Not knowing anything yet! -.

Well, I did it. Those high expectations were fake. Nothing like what I expected. My reaction of my first kiss was disgust. I don’t know what did I expect? Did I expect a special flavour to the other’s tongue? I guess so! It disappointed me to find that it is tasteless, just like my own saliva!

Don’t get me wrong, sex is pleasurable, but not what I expected.

2. God
I grew up to know about God and Jesus. They taught me Christians principles since childhood. I never had a problem digesting the idea of the holy triangle. My faith was solidly built. There was not a chance at all to think of a Godless world. I didn’t know that there are people who don’t believe in God’s existance, who are comfortable in their life, and actually do have a moral structure. The idea of Godless world is there. It is shocking, and scary.

1. Death
At one point in my life, I realized that people die. They just go. My turn is coming in no time. Before me, my grandparents, my parents and others who I care deeply would go. I still can’t let go of my grandfather who passed away 15 years ago. He still appears in my dreams. I wonder how would I handle a loss of closer person. It is scary, but it is real, and is coming.


  1. wait wait wait…….you “did it”….like just one little kiss?there is a lot more to it you know.and frankly…..it takes practice….you can’t judge anything from just one kiss….or even a few. you have to give it some time…..and it grows on you….you’ll see…. kissing is really …irresistable .you forget, it is not the simply the physicality….it is what you feel internally.you need to give it more of a shot i think.


  2. hehehe, you are right zenobia, there is a lot more to it, and yes it takes practice, and is better when there is intimacy and love.What I was talking about the shock of the first kiss. You know, how imaginations go before trying a thing. Usually nothing is like what you think in your mind.


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