Crusader, Persian, Zionist, Arab??!

It is disturbing to watch war leaders connecting current people with old historical nations to inflict a stronger identity and since of belonging to a certain ideology in order to gain more support of the normal street man.

Yesterday I watched an interview on Future TV with Waleed Junblat. His position against Iranian and Syrian regemes is clear, but what I didn’t like is the manipulation of language that we the Arabs like to use. He called current differences between some Arab countries and Iran as of a confrontation between Persians and Arabs! What does current Iranian citizens have to do with old Persians??! Is it just an emphasies on being of us coming from different races?

Last week, AL-Zahrawi (the second person in AL Qaeda) showed on TV. As usual, he used the same language of Bin Laden and attacked the so call Crusaders and Zionists!

What does current American was againt terrorist organization has to do with Crusades??! Why do we have to inflict religion perspective on a political war? What does current normal American citizens have to do with a middle aged Crusade fighter? Does being Christian make directly mean that someone is a Crusader?!!

I am not going to talk about Zionism as our perspective of it as Arabs differ of what Jews claiming to be Zionist believe in, but it would be the closest thing to truth if they said a war against Zionists because Zionism is still alive and have many followers.

As for Arabs, I wonder if we still can have a since of a group. The current structure of the Arab countries are divided. Each country has its priorities and risks. There is no one unified Arab world, but still we can use the term as we use the term Europians.

Crusaders and Persians??!! They disappeared long time ago! Wake up Bush, wake up Zahrawi, wake up Waleed Junblat. We live in 2006.

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  1. good point! Unfortunately human beings love their tribal, religious and ideological differences. They love to an enemy, a fight with them and a sense of communal identity where their group/idea is always right.


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