Funny incidents

Programming Languages
A couple of years ago while I was still looking for a job, I had this conversation with a friend of mine where she was telling me about her cousin who works as a programmer.

I asked her “What language do they work on?”

She went silent for a moment, put her finger on her mouth, and after what sounded like a deep thinking she said reluctantly “Mmmmm, I think…. English”

I fall on my back laughing

Al Bahrain Canal
While driving to the dead sea with my friend 2 years ago. The road was full of advertising billboards marketing Jordan for the investors who were coming to attend the annual global economic forum.

A huge emphasize were put on the big project of connecting the red sea with the dead sea in order to save the latter from disappearing and at the same time help produce more power and water to the surrounding land.

In one of the billboards, there was this huge ad talking about Al-Bahrain canal. I was discussing how many big projects are they initiating in Jordan with my friend. I pointed out how huge the canal project is going to be so my friend said “Yes, I can imagine, bringing water from AL-Bahrain (the Arabic country) to Jordan would be a realy big thing!”

I fall on my back laughing. My dear friend this canal has been called Al-Bahrain because it is going to connect 2 seas not referring to the country of Bahrain!

MSN Window
A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with my friend who had a crush towards this girl.

Apparantly she was added to his msn list. Her status was set to away when he sent her a message that he regretted to sent later on.

So he told me, maybe she hasn’t read it yet. I can just close the window before she comes back and read it!

Poor guy, he thought that closing the window of the msn on your screen would close it as well on the reciptant screen!

I just laughed out loud

The U-turn
When I first took my driving licence. I didn’t know that the U-turn is actually called a U-turn!

Was chatting on phone with my friend where he was describing to me the location of some place. He said “go and turn back at the U-turn”. I said in wonder “What U-turn?” He said “The U-turn at the end of the street ya zalameh”. I didnt comprehend what he meant but eventually I realized that he meant for me to turn and go back at the same direction I was coming from so I get sacastic telling him why is he making up names! Is it because it looks like a U? It is funny!

“No stupid, everyone knows that it is called a U-turn” He said.

And he laughed out loud! :S

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