Jesus on my blog!

As if I need more confusion in my faith. Someone has just popped up and wrote a comment on my blog claiming to be the real Massiah! The one, millions have been following for hundred of years, is just the Anti-Christ as this new Massiah claims!

Seven Star Hand has posted an interesting article about his interpretations for the holy scriptures after I wrote about the so called Prophesies of the Abraham religions about the end of times Christian, Jew and Islamic Prophesies

God save us from the insanity of this world!

One Comment

  1. RE:<>“God save us from the insanity of this world!<>If you truly want to save yourselves from the insanity of this world, then strive to open your eyes to long-hidden truths. Scoffing and scorning guarantees that those who have long profited from strong delusion will remain rich and powerful while most struggle and suffer.Tell me; at what point in the last several millennia has money, religion, and/or politics solved humanity’s problems?If you like the way things are, then remain deaf and blind. Otherwise, strive to understand by swallowing the bitter pill of truth. Without it, there will never be wisdom or justice.Peace…


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