Death and Continuous Changing

Sometimes things are different when you look at it from a different angle. It is amazing how you can percieve things in a total different way if you let your brain work and examine things in different levels.

One of the major human fears is death. Believer or no believer, we all fear it, we all know that it is coming anyway (shar la bodda menno). At one point, I used to get some panic attacks, not being able to sleep the night, just for realizing that it is coming with no time.

The idea of God existance or inexistance didnt help ease my fear. I am not worried about hell, I am more worried about the infinite timeline, the infinite time that my supposed soul would be living. Both the idea or being mortal and getting vanished scares me, in the other hand living of millions of years scares me as hell too. Suppose that it is another million year ahead, what’s next for me? another million? trillion… OMG! It is enough.

Thinking in an alternative way, I came up with some rational expalanation that I blogged at we are destined and immortal before, but being immortal in my explanation didnt mean to be immortal in the same state I am in now. What is immortal are the particles that my body is built with. They existed from the dawn of time and will exist till this world end. So what about my true essence? My whole me, the person I am living with? Would I vanish with death?

It is scary, but thinking deeper about it, I realized that I am dying and born again every single second. We are living in a world that continuously changes. I am not the same person I was an hour ago, or even a second ago while me writing this blog. Take a still shots of me whole in a range of time, we can notice the differences. It might not be clear in a short period of time, but we all notice it in long terms. For instance, look at some of the pictures you took 5 years ago. Would you consider yourself the same person? Did you have the same experience in life then? Same friends? Same ambitions? Same way of thinking? Same memories? Same looks? …etc.

The person I was 5 years ago died. The person I was 5 weeks ago died. The person I was 5 seconds ago died. I dont have to fear death because I die and born again every second. Instead, let me feel fresh enjoying my observation of the new person I become to be each second.

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